I’m Back :)

It has been A MINUTE!!! HELLLLLO on here 🙂 I figured it makes more sense to get back on here to link where all my products are from. TikTok is a lot of fun but it’s impossible to list all the products in such a short video. So I hope this post is helpful for anyone who viewed my latest GRWM & Nose contour video!! Here are the products I used in order (both videos were from same day) https://www.tiktok.com/@carlibybel/video/7190089087435476270?is_from_webapp=1&sender_device=pc&web_id=7135453930821895722 PRODUCTS USED IN ORDER: PRIMER: HERE | FOUNDATION: ARMANI 6.5 HERE & FIONA STILES MATTE FOUNDATION IN 4 (OOS) EYE DROPS: HERE | CREAM CONTOUR: HERE | NOSE CREAM CONTOUR LIGHT HERE CONCEALER: LIGHT MEDIUM HERE | CONCEALER FOR NOSE CONTOUR: MEDIUM HERE SETTING POWDER: HERE its currently OOS but I also LOVE this one HERE MY CONTOUR KIT IS NO LONGER AVAIL BUT I LOVE THIS ONE HERE BROW…


HI BABES!!! Bringing it back to the old youtube days with a Spring / Summer lookbook!! *OUTFIT #1 TOP HERE | BOTTOM HERE PURSE HERE | HEELS HERE SUNNIES HERE RING HERE *OUTFIT #2 TIE DYE DRESS: HERE | JACKET HERE SNEAKERS HERE | BACKPACK HERE RING HERE| SUNNIES: HERE OUTFIT #3 HOT PINK SET: HERE | SHOES HERE SUNNIES HERE OUTFIT #4 POLKA DOT DRESS HERE | BELT HERE PURSE HERE | SHOES: HERE OUTFIT #5 JUMPSUIT NAKED WARDROBE FANNY PACK: HERE | SIMILAR FANNY PACK IN STOCK: HERE SOCKS: HERE| SNEAKERS: HERE | SUNNIES HERE *🥰📲Check out my limited edition phone cases with Velvet Caviar here: https://velvetcaviar.com/collections/carli-bybel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G_ThC1QTzJU&t=1s


HELLLOOO 🙂 Me again! Don’t think I forgot about you on here. I had an outfit from last week but I didn’t love the final photos/ how it turned out so I decided to reshoot with a new outfit this week. Giveaway winners from my last blog post are listed below!! I am doing another giveaway so make sure to read all the way through to see how you can enter!! So I went to Bloomingdales on Monday to look for bedding for my new bedroom. I didn’t realize they were having their friends and family sale… so I did a little shopping. LOL. I picked up these pants and booties while I was there. I ended up leaving with a few items and no comforter for my bed. Typical me! These pants fit soooo nice. I wish they came in more colors. I love mixing black white and red.…


HELLLLLO my loves 🙂 It has been FOREVER since I’ve posted here on my blog:( I spent the past few days/weeks updating it with all the video posts I missed the past year. I really missed posting on here!! To be honest I was working with someone to redesign it about a year and a half ago and it ended up falling through. I was so uninspired because I didn’t love how my blog looked. So I spent hours and hours trying to design it myself so I felt comfortable posting on here again. I know that probably sounds silly but it’s the truth! Fashion is a love of mine and I love sharing my looks with you guys on here. Make sure to comment below any ideas that you have that you want me to post for fall and winter fashion! I love hearing your suggestions and giving you…


HI MY LOVES 😀 Today I am back with a huge spring fashion haul!! It’s been quite a while since my last haul and I saw everyone requesting my next one be a try on haul – so this ones for you! I hope you enjoy 🙂 Love you forever. Carli SEEN ON ME: 1990 top $10 (50%OFF) HERE PRODUCTS MENTIONED IN ORDER: WHITE TOP $67 HERE (XS) PIN STRIPE TOP $10 (50%OFF) HERE (2) PIN STRIPE JOGGERS $19 (50%OFF) HERE (0) NUDE CROP TOP $10(50%OFF) HERE (0) NUDE BARDOT TOP $19 HERE (0) EMBELISHED KIMONO $153 HERE (0) RUFFLE PANTS $158 HERE (XS) RUFFLE CROP $97 HERE (S) PINK RUFFLE SKIRT $148 HERE (XS) PINK CROP TOP $88 HERE (S) PINK MIDI DRESS HERE (0) BARBIE JOGGERS $24 HERE (0) BARBIE CROP $13 HERE (2) MICHAEL COSTELLO ROMPER $148 HERE (XS) POLKA DOT CROP $84 HERE (S) DENIM SHORTS:…


Hi my loves!!! I got the final photos in from my #CARLIBYBELXMISSGUIDED collection and I wanted to share them on here for you!! It was so much fun working with Brendan Forbes for this photoshoot!! It was my first official one ever. How crazy is that?! I hope you enjoy them!!! I LOVE THIS COLLECTION SO MUCH!!!! LAUNCHING 10.17.17


Hello my loves!! Today I am back with a new fashion post for you guys!! I’ve been dying to get back to these ever since we moved. I’ve been having my blog redesigned for almost 6 months now ;( It is taking way longer than I hoped. I really wanted to start this back up with my new blog BUT I decided I can’t wait any longer 🙂 Also My closet is finally some what organized and I am able to see everything i have again! I purchased this funky corset about a month ago from a beautiful designer @tlzbytlazsa ! I found her page randomly on instagram and fell in love with her designs! She is SO unique. It’s funny because I originally saw Kim K wear denim boots a few months back and I didn’t like them at first. But here I am a few months later wearing them myself.…