HELLLLLO my loves 🙂 It has been FOREVER since I’ve posted here on my blog:( I spent the past few days/weeks updating it with all the video posts I missed the past year. I really missed posting on here!! To be honest I was working with someone to redesign it about a year and a half ago and it ended up falling through. I was so uninspired because I didn’t love how my blog looked. So I spent hours and hours trying to design it myself so I felt comfortable posting on here again. I know that probably sounds silly but it’s the truth! Fashion is a love of mine and I love sharing my looks with you guys on here. Make sure to comment below any ideas that you have that you want me to post for fall and winter fashion! I love hearing your suggestions and giving you inspiration for your own wardrobes. As always I will link similar and cheaper alternatives at the bottom because sometimes by the time I get this up the outfits are no longer available. Any trench coat can be made into a dress so don’t think you need to buy this exact one. Just unbutton the top and drape it over your shoulders and then use the tie around the waist to cinch it in a bit!! Thank you so much for coming back and I hope you subscribe to my blog to stay up to date with all my new posts! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! I will have a new video up for you tomorrow as well!! First one in my new house YAY!! XOXO Carli

PS. how lucky was it that the place we went to shoot had a GREEN TRAIN the same color as my boots. It was meant to be hehe.

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    • Hi Carli!
      My favorite place to shop is Zara. You can go from very chic coat to essential pieces such as tshirt, cami…
      Im happy that you start your blog again. I remember back in the day you were putting a lot of content!
      Im here with you, since 7 years ago!
      Back when you were wearing sleek high buns and biiiig statment earings.
      I love that we grew up together. And I love you.
      Hope you will read me!

  1. Hi! My favorite place to shop is Forever 21!

  2. Mona Abuhamdeh Reply

    SO SO happy you’re back to posting on your blog like old times ♥️

    My favorite place to shop is Zara!

  3. Aaliyah Grant Reply

    SO happy your blog is up and running again!!💗 my favorite places to shop are thrift stores like goodwill etc. so that I can buy more clothes for less & make them over myself!!

  4. Hayli Ibarra Reply

    Why do you make every outfit look amazing 😭 my favorite place to shop is tj maxx/ Marshalls!

    • Hayli Ibarra Reply

      Wow just realized that’s not an online shop!! I love forever 21 also!

  5. Liked ! Subscribed ! Following on all socials ! 💕 I love your makeup videos, & fashion sense & personality ! You’re just a joy to watch . I wish you all the success in the world ! You’re amazing !

  6. Nancy Burgos Reply

    My favorite online store is target, cute think and non expensive. Love everything bout you Carly

  7. Stephanie Macnicol Reply

    Hi Carli💕💕 hmm, that’s a tough one. I’d have to say my favorite store to shop would be Express!!!

  8. Thank you so much for doing a giveaway! 🙂 My favorite place to shop is Sephora because I absolutely LOVE makeup!

  9. Cassie Perez Reply

    I love this look the emerald boots are giving me life!! Also your fall make up tutorials I thoroughly enjoyed it!! The best! I love how well the pink tones complemented your skin!! And I love how real you are.. you aren’t always I use l’mer or Gucci this chanel that you are always so down to earth!! My favorite place to shop is Ulta or Target!!

  10. jessicaedenbeauty Reply

    omg these boots are already out of stock! I love shopping on asos

  11. My faaaaaavorite place to shop is tjmaxx you can always find a great outfit for cheap 🙂

  12. I think I would have to say my favorite online shopping is target. I like that online they have a variety of sizes and great style.

  13. Loveth Anyanwu Reply

    Hi guys I’m loveth, and my favorite place to shop is Forever 21 amongst many others! Love you Carlie!!

  14. Keilah Duran Reply

    My favorite place to shop is Nordstrom. It’s easily one of the best places to shop in Jersey!

  15. Nikita dhyal Reply

    Hey carli! Sorry for literally bugging you everywhere but i’m dying to know if this giveaway is available for India aswell? please please SAY YES because winning this giveaway would mean the world to me. I’ve been trying to build my wardrobe for so long but being a college student i always have to compromise and restrict myself from buying clothes that i like. This giveaway will give me a start so please, i would very much appreciate it if you could help me out. My favorite place to shop is H&M and FOREVER 21 or anywhere really if it’s in my budget.

    P. S – ily ♥️ I’ve been following you for many years and i just love the kindness that you show in each video You are the most successful and at the same time the most down-to-earth youtuber that i watch.

    My email – nikitadhayal2000@gmail.com
    Twitter – nikita dhyal

  16. Sabrina Kaminer Reply

    So glad to see you back on the blog. LOVE shopping at the bershka pop up in NYC <3

  17. Christina Moore Reply

    💖💖I love your channel and you are so gorgeous! When I have the opportunity My favorite place to shop is American Eagle, I’m very small and its hard to find my size in other stores….Love you so much!

  18. Karina Muguercia Reply

    Hi Carli! I think you are so inspirational to all women and young girls. Thank you for all you do <3 My few of my favorite online shops are misguided, fashionova, and forever21!

  19. Camila Martinez Reply

    heyyyy~~ you’re channel is my inspiration and I would loveee & APPRECIATE this giveaway!! I loveeee forever 21! xoxoxoxo

  20. Zaria West Reply

    Hi Carli! I love you so much, I just started college and your videos have really helped me actually find out who I am as a person and I just appreciate your beautiful vibe it’s great!

    And my favorite place to go shopping is either fashion Nova or shein or forever21🌸

  21. Shannon Hurley Reply

    September 25th is my birthday! 😀 And to answer the question, my favorite place to shop is Ulta.

  22. I used to love looking at fashion blogs back in HS so it’s really great that I can come to yours and start up my love for fashion blogs again ! Love your outfit, it’s so cute ! I think my fave place to shop is either Sephora or Kate Spade~

  23. Hi, I like to shop at Marshall’s for clothing and home decor!

  24. Melissa Curran Reply

    Sephora is my favorite -I don’t get to shop there nearly enough!

  25. Ahhhh so glad the Beauty Bybel is back!! Love shopping at Victoria’s Secret for that perfect athleisure and cute casual look 🙂

  26. LOVE this post and you! <3 I love that you include quotes in the blog posts too and not just the videos :)) my favorite place to shop is definitely Forever 21 for everyday cute college clothes!!

  27. So beautiful Carli! LOVE Zara for the perfect trendy outfits 😍😍

  28. Fatima Cruz Reply

    love you and your posts!!!!!!!!!!! and i loveeee to shop at forever 21 and PLT !!!

  29. Hi Carli. Thank you for sharing and being so inspirational.❤️ I love to shop at Nordstrom Rack.

  30. My favorite place to shop I’d honestly say it’s when I’m looking to get an outfit inspo I come here and I look at ur blog I love that u leave the cheaper alternatives lol so when I’m on a budget I still can rock and outfit coming to your blog has made me learn of new shopping sites I didn’t and I love them example would be MISSGUIDED love it also love ASOS

  31. Gabriele E Reply

    Hi Carli! My favorite place to shop is definitely Primark because its so affordable and always have something cute. Or tj maxx!! Congrats on your new home <3

  32. Sarah Kenton Reply

    Hey! CARLI! Oh my lord…you are super amazing beautiful and such a lovely human being. 💛 Much love to ya girly!!

    P.S…my favorite place to shop at is the Adidas store!

  33. Candice Moreno Reply

    Hi Carli! I love you so much! You’re my inspiration. My favorite places to shop are Target, American Eagle and Topshop

  34. My favorite place to shop is H&M and Pretty Little Thing. And I looove your boots omg

  35. Hi Carli ❤️ I love you so much! You’ve taught me so many fashion and beauty hacks over the years 🙂 My favorite place to shop is forever 21.

  36. Janice Ordaz Reply

    You’re baaaaaack!! Super excited for this!
    My favorite place to shop is definitely Target. I can spend hoooourrs in there!

  37. Brittney poor Reply

    I would love to see what you could find at TJMaxx! I love to shop there because it’s affordable but I can usually find some great quality stuff! My struggle is finding cute business casual looks for the work week, I’d love to see something like that from you!!

  38. louelizarraras Reply

    Fall is my absolute favorite too! Other than winter of course🍂🍂 Thank you for doing this carli❤️ I’m so happy you’re in your new house already! Hopefully we get a house tour soon, I’m super excited for you!

    My favorite places to shop at are forever21 and target, thank you❤️

    I speak for everyone when I say you inspire us, so thank you for that.

  39. It’s now spring in South Africa and I’m kind of sad to see winter leaving, as I love autumn and winter. I love shopping at H&M, they have really nice stuff.

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