HELLLLLO my loves 🙂 It has been FOREVER since I’ve posted here on my blog:( I spent the past few days/weeks updating it with all the video posts I missed the past year. I really missed posting on here!! To be honest I was working with someone to redesign it about a year and a half ago and it ended up falling through. I was so uninspired because I didn’t love how my blog looked. So I spent hours and hours trying to design it myself so I felt comfortable posting on here again. I know that probably sounds silly but it’s the truth! Fashion is a love of mine and I love sharing my looks with you guys on here. Make sure to comment below any ideas that you have that you want me to post for fall and winter fashion! I love hearing your suggestions and giving you inspiration for your own wardrobes. As always I will link similar and cheaper alternatives at the bottom because sometimes by the time I get this up the outfits are no longer available. Any trench coat can be made into a dress so don’t think you need to buy this exact one. Just unbutton the top and drape it over your shoulders and then use the tie around the waist to cinch it in a bit!! Thank you so much for coming back and I hope you subscribe to my blog to stay up to date with all my new posts! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! I will have a new video up for you tomorrow as well!! First one in my new house YAY!! XOXO Carli

PS. how lucky was it that the place we went to shoot had a GREEN TRAIN the same color as my boots. It was meant to be hehe.

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.602B1600602B1639602B2139_edited-1602B1728602B1668




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  1. Rosalia Najera Reply

    Hey Carly ily so much . My favorite store to shop is fashionova .

  2. Hajar De Avila Reply

    Hi Carli💟, your beautiful inside as well as the outside. I have been following you for the last 6 years. You inspire me every single day with your kindness and hard work. Thank you for being you.
    Keep it going and good fortune in eveythign you do. 🌹

  3. Oumalita M Reply

    Hi Carli, I really love to shop at Forever21. Take care hun!!

  4. Jillien Baez Reply

    Love your blog!! I love/live for TJ Maxx 🙌🏽

  5. Lexus Crisp Reply

    Hey Carli! Hope you are having a blessed/wonderful day. My favorite place to shop is Zumiez. Love your content and you! You are doing great! (:

  6. lovelycedes Reply

    Hi Carli I love you soo much😍🤗❤❤ my Favorite store is Sephora❤

  7. Jessica Taylor Reply

    My favorite place to shop online is ShopHopes!! Also I would love to see some business professional and business casual looks on here!! ♥️♥️♥️

  8. Tracy Leung Reply

    Hi Carli,
    My favourite place to shop is Target! <3

  9. Hi, Carli I love you YouTube channel and love how beautiful you are, very talented I wish you the best! my Favorite place to shop is Torrid!❤❤❤🤞🙏

  10. My favorite store to shop is pretty little thing😍😍 love ya Carli

  11. Kim Minero Reply

    Just Saw The New Vid! Lucky Your Cat Seems Calm , Mine Likes To Jump On My Neck/Head At Any Random Time.. My Favorite Places To Shop Are Target & Fallas Paredes Lol

  12. Love your content! Been a big fan. Favorite place to shop is Ulta

  13. Hi Carly! Love your style and personality!

    My favorite place to shop is Asos! 🙂

  14. Candice Moreno Reply

    Hi Carli! I absolutely love watching your videos and love your style. I love to shop at White House Black Market, Target or Topshop.

  15. Hi hun,

    My fav place to shop online is showroomprive!

  16. My favourite place to shop is urban planet. Also could you do a blue look(affordable)! Thx, love this channel.

  17. jennfier orozco Reply

    I loved your new viedo on drug store make up look i will definitely be going in to by these products! Thank you so much 💖

    My favorite online store is target!

  18. Jasleen Gomez Reply

    Hey Carli, you should do more fashion videos on your channel. Maybe like the must haves fashion items for fall. Thank you for doing the giveaway, my favorite place to shop at has to be princesspolly.

  19. Christy Martinez Reply

    Yay you’re back on your Blog ❤️. Can’t wait to see the rest of your posts and my favorite place to shop is Target🙃

  20. Alexandra Stronk Reply

    My favorite place to shop is nasty gal! love you carrr

  21. Madeline Milligan Reply

    I’m so excited that you’re starting your blog again!!!! I love shopping at Ross and TJ Maxx!! Super cheap and I always find the cutest things!

  22. Gabrielle Golding Reply

    Love you Carli! Such a huge fan and I am so proud of everything you’ve been doing! My favorite place to shop is Marshalls!

  23. Hi Carli, love your new blog. Looking forward to more of them! My favorite place to shop at is boohoo and forever21

  24. Hi Carli, I’ve loved since I was 15. I My fave place to shop is FashionNova!

  25. Sofia Bianco Reply

    Love you so much Carlii!! I’m Canadiana and when i was visiting New York in early June I actually walked by you and your sister at your meet up!! My favourite online store is pretty little thing!!

  26. So happy to see you are returning to blogging about fashion! I totally understand where you are coming from – building a website is such hard work. Glad you remained focused regardless of the situation. Sending positive vibes and can’t wait to see more <3

    Xoxo, Maggie

  27. Hi Carli!! We missed you! Your new blog is amazing!
    My favorite place to shop is Forever21 <3

  28. Hi! My fav place to shop is Target or Macy’s. 👏🏼💛

  29. Hi Carli ❤️
    My favorite place to shop is fashion nova!

  30. Jennifer Hernandez Reply

    Hello Carli Loving how your blog looks !
    Favorite store to shop will be Marshall’s or Target to shop for the family thank you ❤️

  31. My absolute favorite place to shop is Sephora!💕💄

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