HELLLLO MY LOVES!! Yesterday we hit 5 million here on Youtube! AHH!!!! I can’t even believe it. Tomorrow’s video I will chat with you guys about all that exciting stuff! Its still surreal to me! Thank you guys SO much for sticking with me!! I LOVE YOU. Anywhooo In todays video I am going to show you how to add instant highlights without bleaching or ruining your hair 🙂 I did this look 4 years ago when I first started my channel!! I would wear a few caramel pieces to brighten up my hair color! It’s super easy to do and you can really add however many you want! Bellami is having their biggest sale of the year so I figured this was perfect timing to get this video up! I hope you enjoy! Love you guys so much. Thank you again. And make sure to check back tomorrow for another video 🙂 XOXO Carli
1. How to apply hair extensions as Highlights on curled hair with brown highlights
2. How I personally apply hair extensions with red highlights
3. How to fishtail braid your own hair
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I know many people have different definitions and visions of the word 'beauty'.. But mine is different. I think beauty really does come from within so basically I set up this page too help Any girl learn some super easy steps that can really help transform any insecurities that are maybe holding them back from showing their TRUE beauty.. I sound super corny. Some tutorials ive seen were confusing so I will try and keep them simple.. If i see something I can most definitely do it! ( hair and makeup related of course ... And computers but Thats a whole other story.) You know when you see something that makes you stop and say I NEED TO KNOW HOW TO DO iT... Well I can help!! When it comes to makeup ive very rarely followed the rules. Ive always been a trial and error girl ..

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