Hey beauties! Happy Saturday!! Todays outfit is def one of my all time favorites!! I have been dying to wear these new shoes but wasn’t sure what to wear with it. I put them on first and worked my outfit around them! I felt like Pochahontus in the woods! LOL. I love the look of these high sandal boots with jean shorts. I think the cardigan really pulled the look together. It would have been a bit much without one in my opinion. I hope you guys are having an amazing weekend so far! Today and tomorrow I am watching my Kitty brother Oliver!! You have to follow me on Snapchat to see his cute new haircut! He’s such a little stud. He walks around the place like he owns it. Love him 🙂 My snap is CarliPenguin5! (My usernames were already taken by the time I made one LOL) Anyways I love you all!!! List some suggestions below on what videos you want this week!! I leave again for LA Thursday but I will try and get 2-3 up before then 🙂 XOXO Carli

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Necklace: I honestly have no idea where this is from 🙁

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  1. HEY CARLI! Omg you absolutely stunnin!!! I adore u like for real you are a hugeee inspiration and this look is perfect! I love all ur looks especially this one tho ilysm have a great time in LA and yay ifollow u on sc ly. Baaai

  2. NOOOOO why is this cardigan sold out, i gonna cryyy.. i neeed it. such a stunning outfit!!!! i love the whole look but i NNNEEEDDD this cardigan lol. this is really one of my absolutely favourtie looks from you!!! great great great <3 <3 love it!!!

  3. UGH I know!! They usually restock stuff so keep checking back 🙂 If it comes back And I notice I will do a post XOOX

  4. Hey Carli! I was like a milion times planning to write this to you and I just decidet to do it right now 🙂
    I've follow your blog and youtube channel from just a couple weeks (and I realize that I did watch one of your videos about eyelashes & eyebrows a year ago, I guess, and silly me! how can I not start to follow you then, but thankfully Iam now ^_^) I just wanna tell that you are truly support to me and I'm not just talking about that gorgeous looks and make ups 🙂 but about how positive, inspiring, cheerfull and wonderfull you are. Every time when I'm blue I just wtch your video and I'm just fine! and for that I wanna send you a million kisses! :* <3
    (not mention of course about all these inspiring quotes and wonderfull songs! ^_^)
    Sorry for mistakes (I don't use english so much lately) and long text, I'm such a blabber 😀
    Love you! <3

  5. Hi Carli,

    Absolutely love this post!! Super cute and you look ah-mazing!! Can you please do an updated video on how you edit your selfies pretty please. Oh And also what camera did you use to vlog in LA last time?
    Lots of love ❤️

  6. What extentions are you wearing here and in the London video. And did you get any lip work done if so by whom thanks

  7. I am developing a major girl crush on you! You look so gorgeous, girl, gosh! It's unreal. I love your exotic looks and you have incredible fashion sense.

  8. Loveeee this outfit! Going to a concert soon and had no clue what to wear, and saw this post and thought 'this is it!'. Definitely using it for inspiration for styling that day. Stay pretty and thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  9. Heey Carli! I'm SO SO in love with this outfit, especially I love your shoes and of course, cardigan. You look beautiful as always. Kisses from Bosnia :))

  10. Carli! I just want to tell you HOW much I look up to you. I dont think you realize just how much you inspire people. I am 14, I just started my youtube channel not to long ago, yesterday I got a “job” writting beauty tutorials for a very well known website, and I have also been hired by a photographer to do hair & makeup for her clients! I honestly give all this credit to YOU because I literally learned 99% of everything from you. We love you so much Carli, and you deserve EVERYTHING + more! Xoxo, Allie


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