Hello my loves!! I was long over due for a hair cut 😀 I decided to do an update on how I cut layers in my hair!! I have been doing my own hair for  years!! This is my own technique that has worked for ME! TRY AT YOUR OWN RISK! My tip is to take only a little off at a time. That way there are no big mistakes. Hopefully you can follow along and give yourself a fun new haircut! I also recommend having someone help you if it’s your first time. I hope you guys enjoy this video!! I love you all!!! XOXO Carli

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  1. Thanks for the great tips, I watched you since 2012 and you really stay true to yourself and help others feel and look great about themselves! <3

  2. I remember your old video on this and I loved it. The last time I went to the hairdresser myself I walked out with a style I hated and I am still growing it out to this day, there's nothing worse. I'll stick to cutting my own hair because its so much cheaper too!

  3. I love your technique!!! I watched your previous video before, almost a year ago, and my sister wanted a trim at the time and i did it for her i followed every step you did and she ended up loving it!!!! And ever since, she never went to a salon, i always do it for her!! Thank you sooo much!! We just hate how they say they won't cut too much and we end up with butchered hair.. So thanks again!! All the love from kuwait !!! <3

  4. Love it Carli! Would love to try this myself love to save the money but I also love the pampering at the salon as well. Adding this to my blog on my favorite bloggers which is are surely one check it out when you can lauras-paradise.blogspot.com 😀

  5. Oh wow, you are so brave! I wish I had the balls (and skill) to cut my own hair… You did an amazing job. It really looks thick and soft.

  6. Hi Carli can you please do tutorial showing how you styled you hair at the end? I have always wanted to do my hair like this. Thanks!

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