Hello my loves! Sorry it took a little bit to get this post up! These pics are from a few days ago! Brett and I went for dinner and stopped beforehand to snap a few outfit piccys 🙂 Whenever I wear these skirts people always think i’m pregnant. Lol. I’m not. My body is just shaped this way! I will still continue to wear them because I like them and they are comfortable 🙂 I saw some people asking about the body suit as well. It is a thong bottom so you can’t see it when you pair it with a tight bottom like this! I hope you guys enjoy this post and can pull some inspiration from your own wardrobe! Love you muffins!! NEW Video is coming tomorrow!! XOX Carli

Seen on Me:
Khaki Skirt: (0) HERE | Givenchy Medium Antigoa Bag: HERE

Camo Jacket: SIMILAR: HERE HERE | Sunnies: Porsche P8478
EarringsPrincess P Jewelry 20% off code: carlixoxo HERE
Black Bodysuit: HERE Similar options: HERE HERE
Black Heels: HERE or in NUDE HERE
On Brett: Mirrored Sunnies: Carrera 5003 HERE
Blue Jean Shorts: HERE & Sweater: H&M

Shop the Look:


  1. You have a beautiful figure! Wear what you want and who cares what people say! Do you girl. 💜

  2. you have a suuuper super slim waist and small body with curves on the “right” place. if you look pregnant what do i look like then??? dont let haters bodyshame you or make you insecure. your have a flat tummy and it doesnt look preggo at all.!!!! i wish my tummy was that flat…so pls…dont even pay attention to such comments

  3. Pregnant? No way! I think the skirt suits your body perfectly! I'm just commenting to say that I heard this song over the week and it reminded me of your intros to your YouTube videos! It's Right Here by Chris Brown and I would love for you to listen to it! I'd just die if I heard it in one of your videos, it's been on repeat all day! Can't wait for this video tomorrow, Love ya Carli! <3 :)

  4. How can people think you look pregnant?!?!?! I saw a tweet you retweeted of Brett replying to one of your haters on IG saying he loves that part of your stomach, soooo sweet! You are both such sweet and amazing people 🙂
    XO Janina

  5. Can you PLEASE do a swimwear video of blog?? I would love to know your favorite swimwear lines or types of bathinga suits!

  6. Dear Carli,
    Thank you so much, you are enlighting my dark times with your positivity!
    I am so glad I found you. 🙂
    And please, let never anyone steel your smile and the sparkles of joy in your eyes. *-*
    “After the darkness, there will always be light.”
    Thank you, for beeing a light!
    Greetings from the Netherlands,

  7. Love this look! Ignore the foolish people that always need to say something negative. They will criticize you either way. I ( and many others) appreciate that you are real and not photoshopping all of your pics.You are a gorgeous girl, with a sweet personality, and your body is healthy and beautiful. Regarding the outfit, I love the look but can I suggest more simple and open shoes next time. Since the skirt is longer and high waisted, it will be more flattering to wear shoes that are more open so that your legs don't get so cut off. Just a little advice from one shorty to another 😉 Keep rocking it! <3

  8. Carli.. what is your shoes size? My foot lenght is 23,5 and have no idea what is my shoes size in US.. Love your shoes collection 🙂

  9. Anyone who says you look pregnant in these pics has never seen a pregnant woman in real life.

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