Hey my loves! I know this video is LONG. SO I apologize in advance to theses who dislike long videos!! ;). We had so much fun answering your questions the other day!! Thank you to everyone who took the time to ask. We tried to get through as many as possible in the shortest amount of time. We both talk a lot so I don’t even know how many questions we got to. LOL!! I hope you guys enjoy! LOVE YOU xox Carli
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  1. You guys are too cute! I love how Brett was all serious and you were just like I love your hugs haha 😀 xoxo
    P.s you always look gorgeous !

  2. Hey guys im so excited to be writing to you for the first time having said, however , I always follow you guys and Watch all your videos and posts . To me Carli you are so inspirational that whever I feel down or do not feel good about myself I just turn to your page to make myself feel better by some tricks and stuff… I am so obsessed with you that if I ever have to have a girl in the future I would give her Carli as her second name dedicated to such a beautiful lady as you and after her father since my boyfriend's name Carl �� I tried so hard to make it to London to meet you in person as that is one of my ultimate dreams but unfortunately it was not possible.. As they say better luck next time. Nevertheless, I wish you guys all the very best both in your personal lives and carriers. Love Lara from Malta!

  3. Hey Carli!!!!!!! If you guys are still looking for a fun giveaway, check out the FEED project (feedprojects.com). It's an awesome company that helps feed children in need around the world!!! Also, if you and Brett are every looking for a photographer…I'm New England based and would LOVE LOVE LOVE to photograph you guys!!!! Abielaine.com 🙂

  4. Ugh, beauty overload! What a beautiful couple you are. Taking cooking classes together would be fun! My fiancé and I have been baking a lot together lately, it's fun. Your dirt and dust theory makes sense by the way, haha, CAP THE DAMN BOTTLES! 😉 It's a good thing you don't get jealous when girls give your man compliments. In a way it's also a compliment for you, so.

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