Hello my beauties 🙂 A few weeks ago I came across this new product. I instantly was intrigued by it and had to check it out for myself!! In todays Hit Or Miss I do a full review and demo of this new product!!! I was so pleasantly surprised that it in fact did everything it said it would! Ever since my Keratin treatment I’ve been on the hunt for great products that help bring volume back. This tool definitely does just that. PERSONALLY I probably wouldn’t use it this much on straight hair because I don’t mind semi flat straight hair at the moment. I can’t wait to try this out when I curl my hair. I ALWAYS tease the crap out of it with curls and it just never lasts. I hope you guys enjoy this video!! Please comment below any other products you want me to review! As always I promise to give my honest opinion 🙂 Love you muffins! XOXO Carli

Seen on Me:
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*Voloom Hair Tool *Get it 15% off with code: Carli15 HERE
*Does EXACTLY what it promises to do
*Gives major volume to any hair type
*Lasts all day
*Quick & Easy to use
*It is a bit pricey. This product retails at $129. I have a 15% off code
for those interested in trying this product out! Code: Carli15
Overall I would definitely rate this product as a *HIT!* It’s the first of its kind and it really works! Have any of you tried it out for yourself? If so let me now how you like it!!!
Watch the Video Here:


  1. Loved this video! You are truly gorgeous and I am in love with that color top! If you ever want to sell some of your old things to us on Poshmark, feel free lol! I would love for you to do an Ariana Grande or Kim Kardashian or Kylie Jenner makeup tutorial! Or maybe a new no makeup, makeup look! I got the GK and its amaazzingggg thank you for reccomending! Love us Carli!

  2. Can you do an updated video on your go to makeup brushes? I've seen some reviews of the Sigma brushes and I have heard that they shed a lot of hair. Also, can you explain the difference between synthetic and animal-hair brushes? Which type of brush (synthetic or animal hair) works better with which type of makeup (cream, powder, liquid, etc)? Thanks love!!!

  3. Hey carli.
    Could you do a video explaining what cc cream,bb cream,foundation,concelear etc etc is and do we need to wear all of them.there's so much stuff out there its confusing.thanks

  4. Looks great!!! 🙂 will be purchasing I love volume 🙂
    I totally agree with the brush video what are the best? Also to use for?

    Btw I love your lashes wore several times!! Such good quality doll 🙂 will be purchasing more hehe

    <3 from the UK xoxo

  5. Hey how is Wendy William's. that brucy am sure u laughed so hard. u looked really pretty peeking out in the crowd lol

  6. Carli! Thank you for the review! I just tried to use your code to purchase it and it doesn't work any longer, sadness 🙁 it is pricy

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