Hello my beautiful friends! Happy Monday! Today in NJ the weather is GORGEOUS. I am SO excited it is finally warming up over here. Spring is definitely in the air!!! Yesterday for Easter this is the outfit that I decided to wear 🙂 I wanted to take some pictures in the same outfit today because I didn’t get any before we left. This outfit is super comfy and cute. It’s funny because sometimes I have such issues picking out different outfits. It’s when I try less that I come up with casual outfits that I would wear all the time. This is definitely one of them. I am SO in love with mules for the spring time!!! They are everywhere this year. I love these ones in particular because they have a small wedge. So for my shorties out there it gives you some height while still being extremely comfortable. Plus these ones are under $20. CANNOT BEAT THAT! Lol. I hope you guys find some inspiration in this post. I love you my muffins!!!! Hope you guys have an amazing week. What videos do you want to see on my channel this week? LET ME KNOW! Sometimes I get “writers block” and can’t think of anything to film. hehe 🙂 OXXOOXOXOXO Carli 
Photography by the one & only Brett Caprioni <3 Check out his FITNESS channel on Youtube!

Seen on Me:
Gray Bodysuit: HERE | Nude Mules UNDER $20 HERE
Ivory Cardigan Sold Out | SIMILAR SIMILAR
Blue Jeans: HERE , Almost exact ones HERE
EarringsPrincess P Jewelry 20% off code: carlixoxo HERE
Gold Chained Rings: HERE | Lace Clutch: HERE
Lip Details: Lipliner: MAC Edge to Edge
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  1. You look AMAZING. I would love to see a glutes workout video. How do you maintain a small waist and a round booty? You have such a cute figure & can rock anything!

  2. Thank you!! I'm going to do an updated workout routine on Bretts channel 🙂 I gained about 10 pounds and do squats & crunches almost every day 😀 We'll film before summer xo

  3. Love it!! the shoes, cardigan and bag are SOOO cute. they make the whole outfit special and super cute.
    i would loooove to see how you make your hair so shiny. so an update about your hair would be amazing. i request it under every outfitpost and video haha pls do it <3 <3 need this glow in my hair too!

  4. Awesome outfit! Maybe you can do a tutorial on covering up acne scars or pimples? Any recommendations on drugstore foundations that would work for that type of skin?

  5. Hello carli , I'm Sarah from Paris , love ur vidéos , and love this outfit , it suit you a lot, love ur curves!!! Can you do a video explaining your evolution as a makeup artist because when I see ur old videos, I find that you changed a lot , and you are more beautiful and I find you more professional . So a video explaining all the things that you learned with the Time and not only on makeup. It Will ne perfect !!!

  6. Thanks girl! What I recommend is a pore filling primer! This will help even out your skin before you apply the foundation. If your pimple is red – try applying a green colored concealer under your foundation (after the primer) This will help cancel out the red from the pimple. Also A good concealer always helps! My favorite drugstore concealer is Dark Circle Eraser by Maybelline. If you want to treat your pimple and concealer they have one by neutrogena that is really good too. As far as a foundation, I current like the maybelline Fit me powerless foundation. If you want a lighter coverage I love the L'oreal Magic Nude foundation! Hope this helps! XOX

  7. I love this outfit! Casual but pretty. 🙂
    I'd like to see a purplish smokey eye tutorial. Your lip colour in the what's in my bag video was awesome!
    Love you,
    Nori from Hungary

  8. Hey was wondering what size pants those are trying to order but sizes on asos all need to be converted which can be confusing.

  9. You are so amazing! Love your videos, you are truly not only beautiful on the outside but also on the inside.. I wanted to know are you wearing your bellami's here? If so what color are they?

  10. Love this look! Maybe you can do a blog like “Get My Look for Less” and you can share your favorite looks for the upcoming seasons as well as best bang for you buck. Blessings to you ❤

  11. I always comment but you never see my comments i hope you see it this time ;'( If you reply to me it will mean the world! I have the exact same type of hair! Please please please do an updated blow drying routine. Especially since your hair got a lot longer now which takes more time to do. You have no idea how much it's going to help my hair is the same lenght as you. Thank you so much gorgeous LOVE YOU SO MUCH<3

  12. Love this! I am casual all day everyday (when I'm not going out lol) so this is perfect for me! You can make a garbage bag beautiful Carli! Love u xoxo

  13. Hii Carly! I love those mules! I remember seeing or reading somewhere that you are a size 8. I am a size 8 too sometimes even a 7 and a half. Wondering if these run true to size and what size did you order? Thanks Carly. LOVEEE your videos and style 🙂

  14. I need your help, i would like a makeup look that makes me look glowy and healthy! any suggestions? Please and thank you!

  15. I always enjoy your videos and blogs. I'm a mom of 2, teacher and an army wife, and your videos are great to watch during my mom sneak away moments! I would always love to watch your easy to get ready videos or even hair styles to keep me trying new things! I am not even 30 yet so being able to still look good even when your a mommy is important to me!!!

  16. Hi Carli! You could film another dating Q&A with Brett (-: I've also wanted to see you do a Priscilla Presley/Lana Del Rey inspired hair and make-up tutorial, for the longest time. <3 I adore you and you are such a wonderfull person. You have helped and inspired me so much. You are an incredible rolemodel! Love from Denmark.

  17. you look amazing! yeah, just like someone mentioned a suggestion about doing a video of your hair, that'd be so good, because you're hair is so beautiful and shinyyyy, I really want my hair to be that shiny too! love <3

  18. Carli you look lovely 🙂 my suggested video would be on your hair dye and how you are currently getting this gorgeous hair color 🙂 thank you

  19. Selena Quintanilla Perez makeup tutorial please 🙂 for the latina fans. I love you and have been a fan since day one! xoxo besos!

  20. Loads n loads of love from India…I love u a lot gal…u r amqzng n prfct to me…u inspire me a lot in many way…live watching ur video…. N congralution for hitng 1 mil…once more lots of love!!!

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