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Hey my love bugs! I’ve been meaning to do a series like this for quite some time now! I think it’s time to give you guys real honest reviews about the hottest new makeup products on the market!! One thing I have always done and will continue to do is give you a straight up honest opinion. I am not being paid what so ever to do this video for you guys. (Clearly because I didn’t LOVE LOVE the product). It can be really hard to find real reviews now a days. When people find out they can make money off a product it all of a sudden becomes their new favorite. That has never and will never be me. I like to use what I like when I like to use it. No if’s ands or butts! So I hope this series can be extremely beneficial to all you makeup junkies looking for the next best product. Please comment below and let me know what products your dying to buy, but need some more info on. I love you my cupcakes!! XOXOX Carli

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Hit or Miss: Anastasia Cream Contour Kits
3 Shades: Light, Medium & Dark $40 each.
Overall I would have to say this kit is a 50/50 tie between hit and miss. BUT that is not allowed in this new series 😉 I am going to have to go with Miss FOR NOW! ONLY because I am still iffy on the contour shades that were released. I think the highlight shades and the overall consistency is Amazing. Anything she puts out is always impeccable quality. Hopefully in the future they come out with more options to choose from like they did with the powder contour kits!! Because if/when they do, this kit will own my life. Have you guys tried this product yet? If so definitely let me know what you think about it!
Pros: 1. Super Creamy & Blendable formula
2. Gorgeous range of highlight shades. (Warm, Neutral & Cool)
3. When I set the cream contour with a cooler powder it definitely 
pulled the look together for on camera. (I use bright blue tinted lights)
Cons: 1. Contour Shade choices. Very Warm/Orange Tones
This may be great for some people, but for me I prefer cooler/grayish tones.
2. With my bright filming lights, the final result looked wearable on camera. When I
left my house to run some errands, the orangey tones really came through which
I personally do not like for my skin tone.

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