Vlogging With My Grandparents! 2015

Hi my loves!! Today I have a vlog to share with you! Normally I would have uploaded this on my second channel.. BUT I want to combine my inner channel with my beauty channel. It can be hard to keep up with one channel, let alone two 🙁  I hope you guys don’t mind!! I plan on doing a LOT more inner beauty videos in the next few weeks/months! SO again I hope my glam girls aren’t upset seeing vlogs on this channel!! Just a little peak into my life 🙂 Today Brett & I had plans to bring breakfast to my grandparents! We try and do this once a month. I seriously love them WAY too much. Next month they are celebrating 61 years of marriage. YES 61 YEARS. Talk about an inspiration!!! We decided to bring the camera over so you can meet them. They are EVERYTHING to me. They have so much knowledge on life. How cute are they?! I can’t even handle I just want to squeeze them for hours. My papa unfortunately has trouble seeing, hearing and walking. But he is still going strong. I look up to them so much and I really wanted you to “meet them”. My papa didn’t even realize we were filming and my grandma kept forgetting there was even a camera. I think those are the best vlogs 🙂 Let me know if you want me to post more of my life outside my beauty videos!!! Love you guys so much! XOXO Carli
P.s. Leave comments below on what inner beauty videos you want me to upload! I have a few ideas but would LOVE to hear your feedback! 🙂
Watch here:
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