Hey pumpkins 🙂 I hope your Tuesday is going well! I decided to film a MAC haul today. Clearly.. by the title. Lol. I’ve always had a true love for MAC! It all changed a few years back when I got a pro card though. 40% off!? Can’t beat that. Anyway – this is a few hauls mixed into 1! The last three purchases to be exact! I usually order online (because online shopping is addicting) but sometimes I’ll take the trip to swatch colors and all that fun stuff 🙂 I hope you guys enjoy this video! Do you like haul videos? I know a lot of you enjoyed my recent fashion haul! Promise to do more of those when I shop a bit more 😉 Love you muffins! I have atleast 1 more video coming this week! HINT: Valentine’s Day inspired ;P XOXO Carli

P.S. I have a snapchat! :O its @CarliPenguin5

Seen on Me:

Top: HERENecklace: HERE (Thanks Deanna! LOVE IT!)
EarringsPrincess P Jewelry 20% off with code: carlixoxo HERE
Check out my collection of my TOP picks HERE
Jacket is last year Zara 🙂 #FAUXFur
LiplinerEdge to Edge & Pure Hollywood Liquid Lip
Studio Fix Fluid Foundation in NC20, NC35
Pro Longwear Concealer NC20 HERE
#132 Duo Fiber Brush HERE
Full Coverage Foundation NC20, NC35
Mineralize Skinfinish in Lightscapade HERE
Mineralize Skinfinish in Perfect Topping HERE
Mineralize Shadow in Spiritual Life HERE
Mineralize Blush in Uplifting HERE
Nice n Spicey & Hover
Miley Cyrus Viva Glam HERE


  1. Loving everything about the video. The lip color you chose looks perfect and your hair is amazing as always ♡

  2. I'm a big fan of you and I want to start a youtube channel as well but…
    No time & space :'D
    Much love

  3. I tried to get the lipstick Honey Love a couple weeks ago at my Mac, and they were sold out 🙁 I need to go back!! <3

  4. Carli…I have been watching your videos and blog for a while and I like it very much!!! I love make-up, getting dress, being casual…I am 44 and a lot of people at work and friends alwyas give me 10 less…. I've decided to follow-up as I always give me some time to decide and I am delighted..I live in France and believe or not , ladies here can be so out of it and come to work as if they just got up… Being a Venezuelan too, I love to be “Coqueta” and it is incredible that in the world's capital of Fashion , ladies miss a bit of fun and style …but anyhow..Nice to join, love your videos…your comments and your straight forward personality……. Love from Paris!!! Veronica

  5. You are great and all, but should really rethink the Cyrus thing.
    It sickens me when women tell other women what to do and how to do it. Miley is the ultimate feminist (and I know what Im talking about. Im a medical student who is also very active in feminist politics). Desexualizing is so important and she does just that.
    She is the ultimate role model for not following the patriarchal frame of what a woman needs to be like. I would love it if you instead hated on every make musician who goes topless and sings about sex or whatever.
    I hope I did not offend you by this, you seem like the sweetest person and I love your vidoes, but what is the point with all your quotes if you dont follow them?
    Utlimately, we have rape because men feel permitted to judge women. And now women judge women. Im sure there are a ton of girls who idolize ypu and wear false lashes at age ten, if you think that is appropriate then a grown woman ahould be allowed to do what men have aleays done without other women judging her.
    Sorry if my grammar is off, english is my second language.

  6. hi carli
    if you don't think you wanna use all mac in ur videos can you please just do one video using all mac products=]

  7. How do you make this braid?? It's beatifull
    Hi Carli I'm Colombian
    I don't speak english, but I see your videos.
    You should put subtitles in spanish jejejeje Please

  8. Can you please do a full face-off MAC tutorial. MAC is my favourite brand and I'd love to see what you do with it 🙂

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