HELLLLLLOOO my loves. Today Brett and I decided to sit down and film a video for you guys!! It’s been quite some time since we’ve done a video together, so here goes nothing!! I originally saw Jenna Marbles and Zoella do this challenge video! I am not sure who started this tag, but it was hilarious to watch, so we gave it a whirl ;P We also watched Nicole and Jeremys whisper challenge! That was a close second. LOL! Hope you guys giggggleeee while watching this!! I love you muffins!! XOOX Carli
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Watch the Challenge:

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  1. That was so cute and fun to watch omg you guys are so cute together! Love your videos on both of your channels thanks so much for making them!💕

  2. Omg carli! I couldnt stop laughing aha you guys are so cute! you should do more challenges together 🙂

  3. I love this video & you guys! (:
    I suggest a video on primers. I love the l’oreal mircle blur you suggested for blurring my pores and leaving my skin smooth! I also tried the smashbox one you suggested but could not tell if it made a difference on my skin. I want to hear your opinions on primers and know what each one does for your skin

  4. Lol!!! Please can you dos video on how to make lips a little larger especially the top lip!!! 🙂 thanks doll 🙂 🙂

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