Hello beauties! Happy Saturday!! I hope you all are enjoying your weekend! We woke up with some snow this morning! We have woods in the back of our house so it was the first time we got to see how beautiful it looked snow covered!! I have my fireplace on and i’ve been vegging on my couch all day 🙂 Perfect Saturday if you ask me! Haha! Here is an outfit I wore earlier in the week! I love thigh highs.. if you haven’t noticed. I think this look is cute and girly at the same time. What do you think? I hope you guys have a great rest of your weekend. Lots of new videos coming next week! Comment below what you want to see next, as usual! I love reading through your comments. Love you muffin cakes! XOX Carli

Photography by the one & only Brett Caprioni <3 Check out his FITNESS channel on Youtube!

 Seen on Me:

Nude A Line Skirt: Size 2 HERE | Purse: Last Year Asos
Black Long Sleeve Top: HERE Similar option below!
Carli Lash HERE *Code: CARLILASH for 15% off!
Earrings: Ludora 10% off code; carlibybel HERE
Thigh High Boots: 2 Years old 🙁 Similar options below!
2 Tracks of Lilly Hair Use code: Carlibel55 for $$ off!! HERE

Shop the Look:
Last nights outfit:
Long Sleeve TopHERE | Black Wide Leg Pants: Size 0 SHERE
Givenchy Medium Antigoa Bag: HERE or HERE
Sterling Silver Necklace 20% OFF with code: carlixoxoHERE


  1. Gorgeous Carli! I would love to see some DIY storage, organization, home decor ideas? 🙂
    Love you girl! 🙂 <3

  2. Hi Carli, I love this outfit, stunning as always. I would love to see this make up look or the one you wore on NYE. Much love <3

  3. Hi Carli, I love how you dress and how you put outfits together. I'm from NJ too, and I wanted to know if you were going to do a Summer/Spring haul? xoxo

  4. Stunning!!! Carli whatever you do, you do it with so much passion amd dedication<3 can you do a video on a warm smokey eye and outfit for valentines day ? Love you so much !

  5. Carli, what is the secret to get more and more beautiful and amazing and to be idol for so many women ? You're perfection ! :*

  6. I just adore your style! So chic and girly, yet sophisticated and sexy! All at the same time! I love your videos, I think you're the most beautiful woman ever, Jolie who?! Carli for the win ♥

    Style with Veni

  7. Amazing outfit ! I love your hair. I also have extremely curly hair and I just watch all your tips and ways to keep it growing and healthy thank you so much !! Amazing I love the all black ! Me and the boyfriend always do it , but on purpose ☺️

  8. I don't normally comment and I know you probably hear this hundreds of times every day, but I just wanted to let you know how much of an inspiration you are to me! I'm nearly 20, in my second year at university and suffer from anxiety and have really low self esteem and confidence. However, you and your videos always manage to make me feel positive or willing to try something new. I know to many people they are just showing hair and makeup but your attitude and positive outlook mean they have a different effect for people like me. Along with my mom and my boyfriend you really are one of the main people who manage to make me feel better when I'm feeling down XD I hope you continue to do what you're doing because you really don't know the effect you are having 🙂 Anywaaaaay, big THANK YOU and of course this look is great! (p.s. come to England haha)

  9. Carli! Can you or someone here tell me the exact name and style of this bag? I am looking for it and cannot find it.

  10. Love this! & been loving the hair tutorials lately and can you maybe do an updated hair care routine? like products and stuff!:) love you xx

  11. Hi Carli,

    I just wanted to say that I find you very inspiring. I absolutely love your videos on the inner beauty channel. They have answered a lot of my questions and kept me going in the right direction. Could you please make more videos for the inner beauty channel?


  12. Hi carly I'm from Algeria (North Africa) and I'm obsessed with all what you do your makeup, outfits and you,!! You are the best and you know you are known by Algerians girls! Keep going girl and stay as you are just amazing love you so much xoxo sabrine

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