Hi my cuppycakes!!! Happy 2015!!! I hope everyone had an amazing time NYE! I just quickly wanted to post outfit details for those who asked 🙂 I am filming again tomorrow so definitely comment below ideas on what you want to see next!!! XOXO Carli

Seen on me:
White Satin Romper: HERE
Lip Details: MAC Whirl & MAC Velvet Teddy
Lashes: NEW Carli Lash HERE *Code: CARLILASH for 15% off
*For 15% off any other style Use code: CARLIVELOUR15


  1. Oh Carli, to say that you looked gorgeous on NYE would be an UNDERstatement! I mean, we couldn't expect any less from you, you always look breathtakingly beaaaautiful! I love the white romper, the earrings, your hair and the make-up! Absolutely stunning, as always! Lots of looooove ♡

  2. Loving the outfit.. Happy new year! U definitely rocked the romper! Looks better on you then the model. Super cute! 😘XoXo

  3. Hello belle! Greetings from The Bahamas! I've just recently starting watching your makeup tutorials on YT and could not stop, lol! I think I've watched them all by now, lol! I'm new to your blog but I'm already hooked! The fashion is flawless! You are fabulous from hair to shoe, lol…beautiful inside & out, don't let anyone ever tell you different! Keep the fashion pics coming! P.S. Kudos to your photographer/love muffin too! The pics are great, catalog worthy! Keep 'em coming honey!

  4. BTW – I love, love, love this outfit! It's classy, sexy, elegant, chic & sophisticated all wrapped up in one! Gorgeous!!!

  5. happy new year. love the out fit. Can you do the makeup look you had on in that video you posted Aug. 24. ''how I cut my hair at home? what do you take to help your hair grow?

  6. Carli you are just your own kind of stunning<3 you always have a glow which just adds to your beauty!

    For your next video do a tag or some sort of video with Brett, maybe a Q&A of popular questions
    You both are THE cutest! I absolutely love watching you guys together!
    Happy New Year! I wish you tons more success and happiness, so happy for you doll <3

  7. I love everything that you do. How about dying or cutting your hair
    I love that face you put in the picture where you are wearing a black dress…..

  8. Hi Carli! What about your favourite makeup, hairstyle and outfit of a month? It would be a great video series. Then we'll have a 'Carli calendar' yaaayyy 😀 . Love you my beautiful and wish you a happy start to the new year ♥ xo

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