Hi my love bugs!! Today I have another Holiday outfit idea 😉 I feel like I gravitate towards black this time of year! You can never go wrong with all black and a nice red lip!! This black romper is from the Kardashian Kollection. I always love how this brand of clothing fits me!! Its the perfect alternative to a little black dress 🙂 I paired it with a leather jacket and these FAB new red bow pumps!!! I hope you enjoy this look!! I plan on posting a few more before the holidays so stay tuned!! Happy Wednesday!! PS A new video also went up today on my channel 🙂 Check it out HERE! XOXO Carli

 P.S. YES it is SNOWING in NJ today!!! I tried taking most of the pics outside 
because i’m over that green wall. Hahah! The struggle 😉 Love you guys!

Outfit Details: 
Kardashian Kollection Lace Romper: size: UK 6 HERE
Red Bow Pumps: HERE | Vintage Chanel EarringsHERE
Katy Zip Shoulder Leather Biker: HERE
Lipstick: NEW Mac X Nasty Gal Stunner HERE
Viva Blanca Rings & bracelet: HERE code; CARLI15 for 15% off!
Flash TattooHERE 20% OFF with code: carlixoxo
Necklace: Coming soon HERE 20% OFF with code: carlixoxo
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  1. Your attention to detail is amazing! Those shoes are my favorite part of the outfit. Great style as usual, Carli! 🙂

  2. Carliiii, amazing outfit ! The makeup look is so classy and professional ! Can you share what is this lipstick ? The color looks so spicy and great for Christmas ! :*

  3. Stunning!and the heels are fabulooos!
    The only thing I would change is the jacket.not because it doesn't look good,but because I prefer smth more elegant.
    As for you: beautiful as always!

  4. It's similar to Sandy's outfit in Grease. Love it tho but the outfit and shoes are pricey. ='(

  5. Hey Carli 🙂 My 10 yrs cousin told me he saw you in Brazil this summer, he reconized you from your videos that I always see. He told me you are so small hehe he wanted to give you a kiss in your face but he didn't because your boyfriend is very tall ahahah 🙂 Merry Christmas! Loveyou*

  6. Stunning as always baby girl! 🙂 Lol. I won't miss that green wall too much. I definitely wish I had a helper to take my photos outside.

    Maggie A

  7. I love you Carli! So beautiful. Such a wonderful role model for someone who wants to be positive. Sending you love and kisses from Canada! <3 <3 <3

  8. If I had to give the definition of the word “perfect” it would be “Carli” <3
    Big Kisses From France <3.

  9. Wow, Carli, you look stunning and this whole outfit is just perfect! The shoes are to diiiiie for <3
    Love, Stefi

  10. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! i love the kardashian killection as well!!! i am obsessed witht he jacket, would you pleaseee tell me what size you ordered yourse in?? im so lost i have no idea what size i am in UK sizes :-/ thanks Carli!!! 🙂

  11. I really like your outfit, but I think that due to the fact that it was snowing outside, I find it hard to believe that you would go somewhere in those beautiful sandals 🙂 but you're gorgeous as always

  12. Everytime I see your videos/pics I fall in love even more with you. You are amazing and a big inspiration <3
    But if it´s snowing I think this outfit is so cold (brrr). Anyways, I love it as always haha 😀

  13. Omg Carli did you see Khole Kardashian post your pic on her Facebook!? I was soo freaking out! She posted you wearing this exact outfit! Not one but 3-4! So happy for u! Look stunning! Keep pushing!

  14. Hi carli
    You are so beautiful as always love da way u dress up
    I would like to ask u that I realli love ur hip n butts shape …what did u do ?
    Is there any exercise .?.
    Really want to inspire u ☺️Please let know

  15. Карли все очень красиво но почему ты одела босоножки а не туфли 👠?

  16. Leather and Lace are my diehard faves!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!
    (also leopard print and studs haha)
    Your are stunning as always Miss! I look forward to your videos almost every day!

  17. You look amazing!! is there any way you could put together some edgy looks like this one but maybe a little more conservative for lets say someone who sings on the worship team at their local church??

    Thanks pretty lady!!

  18. HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY- Hi Carli. I had a tough time deciding between these two quotes. First, “It doesn't matter if your glass is half empty or half full. Be glad you have a glass to fill.” I love this quote because it reminds us to be thankful for what we have. So often I get caught up in the latest stuff and have a pity party because I cant get it. But whenever I hear this quote, I am able to take a step back and realize how truly blessed I am just to have a roof over my head. (: My next favorite quote is “everything happens for a reason.” This one is so simple but I think it means so much to my Family and I. I really had to tell myself this a couple months ago whenever my 2 year old sister was backed over in our driveway. I could not figure out what the reason could be, but I still kept telling myself everything happens for a reason. Later, when the XRAYS showed she had not a single bone broken, and stitches was the worst of her injuries, I figured out that she now would have an amazing testimony <3 Love you Carli.

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