Hi my love bugs!! Today I have another Holiday outfit idea 😉 I feel like I gravitate towards black this time of year! You can never go wrong with all black and a nice red lip!! This black romper is from the Kardashian Kollection. I always love how this brand of clothing fits me!! Its the perfect alternative to a little black dress 🙂 I paired it with a leather jacket and these FAB new red bow pumps!!! I hope you enjoy this look!! I plan on posting a few more before the holidays so stay tuned!! Happy Wednesday!! PS A new video also went up today on my channel 🙂 Check it out HERE! XOXO Carli

 P.S. YES it is SNOWING in NJ today!!! I tried taking most of the pics outside 
because i’m over that green wall. Hahah! The struggle 😉 Love you guys!

Outfit Details: 
Kardashian Kollection Lace Romper: size: UK 6 HERE
Red Bow Pumps: HERE | Vintage Chanel EarringsHERE
Katy Zip Shoulder Leather Biker: HERE
Lipstick: NEW Mac X Nasty Gal Stunner HERE
Viva Blanca Rings & bracelet: HERE code; CARLI15 for 15% off!
Flash TattooHERE 20% OFF with code: carlixoxo
Necklace: Coming soon HERE 20% OFF with code: carlixoxo
Shop the Look


  1. I love this oufit and shoes sooo much. You look very classy and sexy. And you have a nice figure.
    Love from The Netherlands

  2. She looks hot. I love the hair!


  3. I love this look especially the romper.Im such a huge fan of yours. Where would be able to get this romper? because i check the link where the outfit details are and it says this they don't have this product .

  4. Hi Carli!

    This outfit is exquisite.

    I wanted to order this exact romper for my brothers birthday..
    but the link you have connected to the site says there is no
    such product.. Do you know any other sites that might carry
    the exact same romper?

    Thanks girlie, stay gorgeous as always XO!

  5. Hi i was wondering if you could help me find a black romper that fits my curves just like that because its notnon the kardashian collection anymore?

  6. I just bought this romper on Carli's Ebay auction and I'm so excited to get it!!!!!
    Hopefully, I look half as good as she does! <3<3

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