Hi my muffin cakes! Sorry its been forever since I’ve posted on my second channel!! Slacking big time. I plan on changing that. Today I have a little vlog from our most recent trip to Tennessee!!!! I absolutely LOVE Nashville. It was my third time there! Every time I’m there I always say – I need to live here-. Haha!! If you guys know me, you know I am deeply obsessed with country music!! This year I was personally invited to the CMAS!!! So nuts. I reread that email like 10 times praying it wasn’t fake! Haha. We were only there for 2 days, but we had a great time!! I hope you guys enjoy this vlog!! I know I always say it – but I do plan on vlogging more. What would you guys want to see as far as vlogs/ videos for this channel? Please comment below so I can start planning!!! Love you guys!!!! XO Carli

Outfit Details:
Airport: Floral SweatpantsHERE & Floral Top: HERE both size 2
Celine Sunnies: HERE | Fringe Booties: Last Year GoJane SIMILAR 
Givenchy Medium Antigoa Bag: HERE or HERE
Pink LuggageHERE | Black Tshirt ON SALE! HERE 
Blue Ripped Jeans: HERE
CMAS: Two Toned lace dress: HERE or HERE size 2
Vintage Chanel EarringsHERE
Fringe Clutch HERE | Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Shop the Look:

Watch the Vlog here 🙂


  1. obviously you are doing very well for yourself. not even doctors or lawyers can splurge on louboutins, givenchy and chanel the way you do.

    I fall in love with you a little bit more from day to day haha
    Thanks you for being such an inspiration!! I am soooo grateful for
    everything you do for us!

  3. Hahaha I feel the same, just when I think she can't get anymore gorgeous she posts a new picture to prove me wrong

  4. Thats a gooood idea! You can also just vlog anything you think is fun or interesting, chances are if you find it interesting so will we

  5. Where is Brett's gray sweatshirt from? I want to get it for my boyfriend!:)

  6. What kind of music does Brett listen to?
    Just an idea, but when I watch your videos I literally feel like your my friend, someone close to me, like a character in a novel you really relate to. It would be cool to get to know the other characters more personally.
    Maybe a video on just getting to know Brett better, or anyone close to you in life.
    Great video carli, & thank you for always making time for your fans.

  7. Love your floral outfit! What size did you order it in? Hope you respond gorgeous! <3

  8. LaylaAMIRA Reply

    She looks beautiful stop hating..it's a waste of your time and energy.

  9. You're so gorgeous. What size did you order your floral asos pants in? Please respond! 🙂

  10. What size did you order your floral pants in?????????????????????????????????? 🙂

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  13. hi Carli what size did you order your asos flower outfit in? A lot of us are asking here and on IG. Hope you respond…want to order but not sure which size to get..!

  14. Hi Carli! I've looked everywhere trying to find what camera you use to vlog and your FAQ hasnt been updated in sooooo long.. I'm sure you don't use the nikon 1 anymore. So can you please tell me and everyone who's been asking everywhere what camera you used in this vlog because the quality is amazing in videos AND pictures which is so rare to find!! 🙂

  15. Could you please tell us about products used in these two make ups? I like them the most. Especially pencils, eyeshadows and lipsticks. Thanks! I love it

  16. Hi Carli what lipstick u used when u were the floral outfit :***

  17. i love love your cma dress!! you looked beautiful! did you have to alter it or shorten it? i'm thinking about it for new years and may be short on time

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