Hi suga pies! This season i’ve been loving long trench coats! I picked up a few in a coupe colors! Black, navy & a dusty pink. At first I wasn’t sure how they would look on me because I’m fairly short.. BUT I think us small girls can totally rock them! Let me know your opinion on these trench coats 🙂 I hope you enjoy this look! Sending so much love your way 😀 And to the people who constantly ask if I’m pregnant while wearing tight clothing- the answer is no! LOL. I have hips.. and hip bones. They stick out.. that’s the way I was born. That is all <3 XO

I want you to remember who you are, despite the bad things that are happening to you.
 Because those bad things aren’t you. They are just things that happen to you. 
You need to accept that who you are and the things that happen to you, are not one and the same. 

Photography by the one & only Brett Caprioni <3 Check out his FITNESS channel on Youtube!

Outfit Details:
Gray Dress: XS/S HERE | Black Bootie Sandals HERE
Embellished Clutch: HERE |  Celine Sunnies: HERE
Black Trench Coat: Zara (sold out online) Similar
Silver Bangle 20% off with code: carlixoxo HERE

Get the Kim & Nail Bracelet Set 10% off with code: carlixoxo HERE
 Vintage Chanel EarringsHERE | Silver Roman Numeral Bracelet HERE
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Double Silver Necklace HERE
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  1. I've never really rocked a long coat like this coz like you i'm really short. I'm only 5ft 2. You totally rocked it though girl. LOVE the clutch bag too. Kisses. xx

  2. Gorgeous as usual! �� love you carli! Kisses to you & brett (the best couple eveeeer) from croatia! hope you visit one day ����

  3. I really love this outfit. You look so amazing and your figure.. perfect!
    Adel from Czech republic 🙂

  4. Carli iam defintely in love with you ..you looks always perfect many of my girlfriend started following you after my recomend we love you :-*

  5. I absolutely love trench coats! I think they are the perfect look for fall.
    Im actually short too, but now I might actually try one out!
    Thanks carli ! 😀

  6. Wow love the trench coat!! Have you changed your workout routine since your last video? Your body is amazing!! 🙂 you should do a cheryl cole purple eye look from the xfactor google it!! Its really nice and something different!! �� i only found ur channel at the start of july and i have been obsessed ever since!! Love from ireland!! ����

  7. I finally found someone that has the same body shape as mine. <3 Could you please do a video on how to style a skinny jeans? I got my inspirations on from all of your ootd's. I have hips too and I hate it when people say that I'm fat because I have huge hips and thighs. It makes me feel insecure when I want to wear skinny jeans. Love you <3

  8. You look amazing,as always!
    Love from Italy! Ciao ❤

  9. pregnant?? people are crazy haha you look stunning as usual, have the best shape! Love your videos, blog and everything! Love from Venezuelan 😀

  10. I swear I say this in every single comment but I love your curves so much!! Your body is so perfect! This grey dress hugs your curves so perfectly. And I appreciate your comment and saying that us girls can rock trench coats still cause I absolutely love the style of them <3
    XO Janina

  11. Nicole Drake Reply

    I cannot get over how stunning you are!! Whether you wear all black, all white, or anything in between you just rock it!! The coat is amazing, the accessories are amazing, you in the dress is just WOW! and don't even get me started on those shoes!! I wish I could raid your closet <333

  12. Love the trench coat!! As always so pretty Carli!! <33

    But please post your workout routine!!!! So many girls are asking but never anything 🙁

  13. Disculpa, pero siempre he tenido la duda de ¿qué utilizas para que tus pestañas sean así de largas? espero me puedas decir, por cierto eres muy bonita 🙂

  14. Carli can you pleasseeeeee do a video on NERIUM.. Your the only person I trust and I want to know if it is worth buying. I know you use it so I would like to know what it has done to your skin. Thanks <3

  15. You're perfect! love this outfit.

    Also, I love the quotes in your posts. they truly are inspiring.

  16. as always ur stunning 😀 love every single outfit u wear cuz u totally rock everything u wear! it's amazing how everything looks so good on you, ur beyond beautiful, and prego? lol are u kidding me? you look amazing, your body is the closest thing to perfection, carli you inspire me to feel pretty, Thanks for being there, i know that just watching your videos I'm gonna smile and my self steem is gonna go right up 😀 btw I wish I had your closet lol ….omg your shoes! oh and I can't wait to see your outfit with the pink coat! love from California <3 ������������������✌

  17. You've been promising workout videos and your diet for months and we've never got any videos on it. 🙁

  18. whats the zara link i live in canada so i might be able to get it 🙂 love the outfit btw

  19. That look is hot !! Carli you look stunning . You're my beauty guru 🙂 Kisses from Poland ;*

  20. Wow! You look really beautiful in that dress and all… it isn't easy to look sexy and elegant at the same time, but you did it! I think your body is perfect 😉 Kisses from an Italian fan, – Nicole

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