Hi pumpkins!! I’ve been meaning to post a back to school video like this for a few weeks now! I know most of the outfits I post are not appropriate for school, so I wanted to put this up for those still in school! Let me know if you like these types of videos and I will definitely do more!! Sorry it’s so short, but theres only so much I can in a fashion video ;P I hope you enjoy!!! Comment below and let me know what types of fashion looks you want to see next! Love you muffins! XOXO Carli

Outfit #1
Pink Bomber Jacket: HERE
Black Tshirt ON SALE! HERE
Wedge Converse Sneakers: HERE
Boyfriend Jeans HERE
Necklace: Forever 21 SIMILAR
Sparkle Love Ring HERE
Flash Tattoo in Wild Child HERE
Outfit #2
Monochrome Tshirt Dress: HERE
I just got it! Sorry it’s already out of stock 🙁
Black and Silver Chain Clutch: HERE
Shiny Black Leggings: HERE
Double Silver Necklace HERE
Booties: HERE – Similar options below!
Silver Nail Bracelet20% off with code: carlixoxo HERE
 Kim Bangle 20% off with code: carlixoxo HERE
Get the Kim & Nail Bracelet Set 20% off with code: carlixoxo HERE
Flash Tattoo in Wild Child HERE
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  1. The black shoes <3
    do u know the name, model or something?, cause I need them!!
    they're so pretty!
    U look awesome, as always 😉

  2. I love the outfits and your makeup!! You look beautiful as always!! I also love the way you have been using the flash tattoos lately…I discovered them a few months back and used them once at a wedding but I wasn't sure how to incorporate them for everyday looks. Thanks for all the inspiration love!! <3

  3. sorry but some how i think you dont get this boyfriend jeans style…do you see the model on the asos website…she wears it right (the bf-jeans is not tight on her, it is loose and seems to be too big) but yours are tight so i isnt a real bf jeans look…it was the same at your last bf jeans outfit a few days ago. you should go a size up or something to give them jeans the lose.fit style 😉 not meant to be rude or bitchy just saying..like the outfits anyways 🙂

  4. You look so beautiful! Make up is gorgeous!))
    Carly, can you pleeese tell what lens are you using?

    Love to you <33

  5. Hi carli!:),
    Is the shirt dress out of stock ? I clicked on the link and shows its out:(?

  6. You should do a corporate/work fashion series. Outfits that are affordable and work appropriate but still fashion forward. Going to work will be so much more tolerable if I'm excited to show off my outfit to everyone and I could always use some inspiration!

  7. Carli youre just perfect love the looks on all pictures !

  8. You look so BEAUTIFUL! Can you please tell me where you got your earrings? Or who they are by?

  9. you look so beautiful Carli! what hair colour do you have now?

  10. Hi Carli! 🙂 Love your outfits!!!
    Can you tell me which lipstick you are wearing?
    Thanks :*

  11. LOVEEEEE both outfits, def great inspiration for some casual but cute looks for my loooong days at college. Could you do a makeup tutorial on this makeup look please?

  12. Hey Carli! <3 I love that you were nice and open with us for your BOOBIES video, and I love that. I wasn't offended at all, and im really glad you can do that. We are all girls and we all have those issues. I was wondering if you can make another GIRLS ONLY video, grooming "down there" I know that sounds weird but it would really help alot us, females. Your beautiful Carli! xoxo.

  13. Hi Carli! Just out of curiosity, what size did you purchase the pink bomber jacket in?? Thank you for the direct links, it makes things a lot more simple haha 🙂 keep up the wonderful work!

  14. AnonymousGirl Reply

    The MERITA SHIRT DETAIL CHECKED SHIFT DRESS MONOCHROME from Missguided is out of stock. can you recommend any other cute shirts/dresses like this one to wear with leggings?

  15. Hey Carli, I've been following your youtube for years and absolutely love your style! The quality of your photos have been really good lately and I was wondering what camera and lens do you use? Thanks girl! xx

  16. I love that second outfit!! 🙂 in your experience is MissguidedUS a good website to purchase from? I love their clothes & prices but I couldn't help but notice all the bad reviews. Also? What size do you wear from them?

    Thanks! Xo

  17. amazing! please do a make up tot' for the first look and please do a hair care rutine and show how you did the curls like your profile pic in here . pretty please

  18. definitely looking for a new pair of jeans for this fall denim season. keep up the denim looks! they look great! but feel free to post pictures of different angles, like the side and back 🙂

  19. different angles give me a better idea of what the item looks like on someone before i buy it, so it really helps when you post pics like that

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