Hi my suga pies!!! This video has been HIGHLY requested for quite some time now! I’ve had tons of people asking what I’ve been doing recently to make my boobies appear larger!! I wanted to put together this video of a few tips and tricks I do on  a daily basis. Small boobies or big boobies… of course this is not what REALLY  matters in life. We are all BEAUTIFUL in our own way. Never forget that. These are just a few tricks i’ve personally shared with my gf’s and wanted to pass along to you. I love being able to help you in ALL subjects! 😉 I hope you enjoy!! 😀
XOXO Carli

Seen on Me:
Lace Romper HERE | EarringsHERE

Flash Tattoos in Wild Child HERE
LA Girl Neutral Lip Liner
MAC Myth Lipstick | Lipgloss: Bared for You
BOOBIE Tricks ;P
Bombshell Bra (Adds 2 cup sizes) HERE
Strapless Bombshell Bras HERE
Silicone Bra Inserts HERE
Sticky Bra HEREHERE (for backless or low cut)
Cheaper Push Up Bras: HERE HERE HERE
Aritzia Bustier Tops: HERE
Nerium Face Lotion HERE (Use it on your boobies!)
WL Brow Bar 25% Off code; carli HERE
*My GYM Chest Workouts: HERE
*Brett’s Fitness Channel: HERE

Watch the Video here:


  1. Hey Carli!Love your video!Could you tell me where is the cami from?

  2. Hi Carli. Don't know if it's impolite to ask…is that a scar between your breasts? and if so….from what? Just curious 🙂

  3. yes! I've been waiting on this one! You're such an inspiration. keep up the great work!

  4. Now, it's time for that “How to Style a Tee” Video. Been waiting for it for a while.

  5. And can you maybe give tips to make your boobies appear smaller?
    Love you Carly! Xxx

  6. Hey carli. Could you do a video explain the different types of foundation,concealer,highlighters etc and what and why there used.


  7. Hey carli. Could you do a video explain the different types of foundation,concealer,highlighters etc and what and why there used.


  8. Thank you so much Carli. Im almost 15 and I am somewhat flat chested, and it really doesnt help that I go to public school. So there are always comments coming from guys about that. I love you so much and I am going to try this! I never thought about contouring your chest, but omg its so amazing! I love you! Please look at my beauty blog!? Omg. Your so gorgeous I cant get over it.

  9. Also, I have something I wanted you to do that isnt really your style, but its Bretts. Could you do maybe a fitness plan that we can do at home for girls/teens? I never have time to go to the gym and besdies that my mom isnt going to pay for a membership. I am not big, really at all. Upper body is fine but my hips down I really am not happy with. Its okay, I understand your so busy and you probably wont even see my comments but if you do just please think about it because it would help so much! Ily, xoxo. Allie.

  10. Hey Carli!

    Keep up the great videos! Can you please post one about some quick hairstyles to wear if you have greasy hair? I always do a go-to ponytail, but it does get boring! lol.

  11. Cannot express enough how much I absolutely loved this video! 1) I love the romper from Misguided! 2) You look absolutely flawless! 3) That contouring trick is amazing!! I can't believe I never thought of it before. 4) That sticky bra from Amazon is a must!!
    XO Janina

  12. The camisoles you sleep in are on sale! Yay! What size do you wear? Does Aritzia run small, large, true to size? Thanks!

  13. Carli I would love a makeup tutorial for this look! So pretty, Love ur blog great tips! Julie, Ireland

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