Hi my love muffins!! It has been WAY too long since i’ve done a blog post. I’m ALMOST done unpacking the madness. (Which is my clothes) Haha! Moving made me realize that it is time to do a HUGE closet sale. I will keep you all posted on that! So I have this serious obsession with matching separates! Sometimes i’ll buy a set just because they are separates. It’s a problem…. ANY WHO! I got this outfit from Showpo but it is unfortunately no longer in stock. If anyone finds it anywhere do let me know so I can update the blog! I have a TON of matching separates below that I personally love! I hope you enjoy this post! NEW videos coming this week! Love you muffins.
XOXO Carli
Photography by the one & only Brett Caprioni <3 Check out his FITNESS channel on Youtube!
Outfit Details:
Two Piece Gray Outfit: 10% Off: BEAUTYBYBEL HERE
Earrings: Ludora 10% off code; carlibybel HERE
Unfortunately it is sold out, but I posted other options below!
Earrings: Ludora! (Site is down, link coming soon!)
BCBG Sandals: On Sale! HERE
Silver Bangle 10% off with code: carlixoxo HERE
Silver Roman Numeral Bracelet HERE

Shop the Look:


  1. Love this outfit Carli! Do you think you'll do some fall-appropriate looks later in the month? Something casual and cozy but this cute (and a bit sexy)? Have a wonderful day sweetie, thank you for being such an inspiration 🙂

  2. oh yes i like the look and i like all the accessoires..the bag and shoes and everything is very nice 🙂

    i wanted to ask you what happened to the moving vlog?? you dont mention it anymore and film and upload new videos 🙁 i wanted to see the moving vlog soo bad

  3. Love the outfit, specially the clutch! you´re beautiful!

  4. You are gorgeous!please do some post on autumn outfits.. i loooove autumn. Or maybe bussinesa inspired outfit, something elegant, but appropriate for office, and not boring. Thank you! Greetings from Europe.

  5. Thanks love!! To be honest I have it still on my laptop! I just haven't edited it yet… Debating whether I should post or not!!

  6. Aw thank you 🙂 and Ok you got it love!!! I plan on doing a bunch for fall! Moving has slowed me down a bit! xo

  7. We would like to see it a lot! 🙂 I would also use some tips for moving as it is waiting for me soon

  8. You are gorgeous and so inspirational!!! And you seem such a down-to-earth and nice person 🙂 Don't listen to the bad comments, they are just jealous!

  9. Absolutely in love with your outfit! As usual, you just always have the cutest looks. And you're goooorgeous! <3

  10. Absolutely love this loom you look amazing! Can't wait for more posts and ideas <3

  11. You're so beautiful ,Carli ! So inspirational and true icon !
    Are you planning to continue with the “color series” for the fall/winter season ? The summer color videos were great !

  12. Hey Carli, just noticed your amazing body. Tips for those curves please. Btw, awesome outfit.

  13. Absolutely love matching separates! This look is gorgeous <3 can you tell me what camera or lenses you use? your pictures look amazing!

  14. oh yes pleaaase post it, maybe for your innbeauty chanel…long time since you posted a video there 🙂 i would reaally love to see it *.*<3

  15. Sooooooooooooo gorgeous! Love it and love YOU <3 Hugs and kisses all the way from tiny Denmark :-) Lol.

  16. Your makeup looks so amazing! What lipstick did you use? It's so beautiful!
    And your outfit is also very beautiful! 🙂 Love it!

  17. I always tend to freeze and stare mindlessly at the full body shots… you are gorgeous.

  18. I'm a mom f 3 but only 31 I love your style it takes me back to when I was young and free I know your still young but if you were my age I'd love to see you put a few looks together for young women in there 30's based on when you get that age how do you might see your self dressing:)

  19. Seriously, you are so gorgeous and your figure is amazing, you are truly an inspiration, keep up the good work, i love your channel and your blog! 🙂

  20. Love the way the skirt suits you! My favorite style of skirt on my favorite beauty lady! ��

  21. love the outfit and heels! wish I could afford those gorgeous heels! you look beautiful Carly!

  22. I love this outfit you look so beautiful! I love watching all your videos not only that but the quotes before the video are always a mood booster. You are such an inspiration for women to feel special and look good doing it!

  23. This make up look is absolutely stunning! It's very different from what you usually do and this is why I'm sure that a lot of us would love to see a tutorial on it!
    I'd also looove to know how you did to achieve this hair style! Every time I try it never holds in place :/

  24. Closet sale omg Plz keep me posted carly love all ur outfits, munekagonzy @ instagram, patty muneka gonzy @fb, plzzz :I want all ur outfits lol, especially the 1,2,3 and 6 that u have here on you page as cover pic 🙂 you are so pretty BTW 🙂

  25. Im sure you already heard of this app but its called The Hunt! You can upload pictures of outfits from anywhere! Pinterests, google searches, or even like in your case of your own outfits and people can find it at other stores or even very very similar pieces! It comes in handy when you find a super cute outfit like on Pinterest and have no idea where to get it! You are one of my favorite bloggers! I have watched you on Youtube for forever and you never disappoint! Love you!

  26. Hey carli, i always love your blog post. Ive grown to this blog , i check it every other day for tips and inspiration if i dont, i have catch up on every blog. anyway i love this outfit, im in the gym almost everyday so i can wear things like this that i love.



  27. Stunning, absolutely stunning. I bet you left no head unturned looking like that! 🙂 You remind me of an even prettier version of Kim K! Love the whole outfit, and the heels are simply amazing.

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