Hi suga pies!! Sorry for the slight delay on this video. I spent the day with my girls yesterday and today I was in NYC for fashion week! So again I do apologize 🙂 Today I wanted to share my current favorite products from the past few months. As I said in the video, I will post a video like this every few months to keep you guys updated!!! I like to make sure it’s a favorite favorite before I recommend 🙂 I hope you guys enjoy this video! I am going to a country concert tomorrow… Should I film myself getting ready?? Let me know!!!! NEW HUGE Giveaway will be announced next week!!!
XOXO Carli

Seen on Me:
Earrings: Ludora 10% off code; carlibybel HERE
MAC Lip Liners in Oak Lipstick: Gerard in ‘Nude‘ 25% off code: carli

Products Mentioned in Order!
Sigma Cream Highlight: Brilliant | Loose Powder Highlight Gilded
Get all Sigma products 10% off with code; SEPT2014
NYX Butter Blam in Biscotti HERE
MAC Lip Liners in Oak & Stripdown
Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Eye Cream: HERE
Pro Beauty Blender HERE or the regular one HERE
NEW BH Palettes $8.95 Wild ChildWild & Free & Wild at Heart
TooFaced Cat Eyes Eye Shadow Palette HERE 
Viva Blanca Bracelets & Rings: HERE code; CARLI15 for 15% off!
Earrings: Ludora 10% off code; carlibybel HERE
Coal N Terry Shorts! HERE Code: CB10 gets you 10% off
Purses: Cream quilted winged bag: HERE & Cranberry bag HERE

Watch the Video:


  1. but carli i wait like crazy for the moving vlog :((( what happened to it?? you film and upload new ones and not mention it anymore 🙁

  2. This makeup looks gorgeous! Can we have a tutorial please? 🙂

  3. I use Olay CC Eye Cream and it works wonders! I use it under my concealer or on days when I dont wear any makeup I will put that on and it really brightens my under eye 🙂

  4. I think something along the blue line would be gorgeous! I feel like cranberry and deep blues are going to be HUGE this fall!

  5. Could you do a review of the glam glow products? Loving the dramatic looks!

  6. Fran Macdonald Reply

    Love all your videos, you give such good advice on what is good and what I can consider getting when I have the money. You should definitely do a getting ready video! I don't know why but I feel pretty bad you standing through your videos, get yourself a chair girl! Haha.

  7. I have a hard time focusing on what you're saying because you are just SO beautiful! I just keep staring at you, taking in how pretty you are, lol 🙂

  8. I was just on your YT page, what is the use of having over a million subs if your videos don't even get half a million views? The last video that was actually good was a predictable summer wedding look and that got about 700,000 views but that was a month ago. then your videos and not to mention “Blog Post” have seriously sucked. Cranberry cravings? of all the products you showed a lip combo was all you actually used! Then came the almost insulting “hair cut update” like it was the exact same thing except with better lighting and there was like no real effort from you on that video since you were going to cut your hair anyways no creativity at all. Just like that My fitness Update that you did with Brett that video was just talking and basically advertising Bretts stupid page wich honestly sucks becaus eyou can find all that in any other fitness guru but with way more enthusiasm. Then you did a makeup room tour showing off a bazillion ton of makeup that you got for freaking free! thanks to your subs! who you seem to only care about when your being intervied other than that its “I have so much clothes I think im going to sell it to you guys yea you guys the ones that actually paid for it with your loyalty love and admiration” Then you put up with a bunch of drug store make up that I have never seen you use and it was clearly used because all the youtubers used drugstore makeup for back to school but then of course you woulnt be the snob that you are if you didn't trow in a freaking 200 dollar purse in the back to school outfit. Now you have a current favorites video seriously Shut up do some freaking fashion beauty for a change this is why we loved you from the beging and rooted for you but now even almost everything that you post including on instagram is a freaaking advertisement “use discound carlywhatever to get $ off” like seriously get back to basics after all this is your job!

  9. Wow…that post was embarrassing…for you. Get over yourself. She owes you nothing. If you don't like her free advice and videos, unsubscribe. Haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate hate…

  10. im surprised she hasn't deleted this response – Ive noticed a few have been deleted recently – glad she is so true!

  11. Wow.. that was quite a rant.. can't say i disagree though . Disappointing really, since she is beautiful and i do enjoy her videos. But yes.. her videos these days.. comes off a tad bit more snobbish.. well maybe that's just me.
    And as for her makeup tutorials.. beautiful colors.. beautiful products.. but dear God .. the same technique over and over again.. it's gotten to such a point that all i do is open the information box thing ( unfortunately i don't know the proper term for it ) and see what colors she has used.. and i can do the rest.. since she doesn't vary what she does.
    This is an honest opinion.. not hating on her since “hate” is a strong word. I am not a fan by any means. but i do not wish her bad. She seems lovely and i wish her the best she can get. but since this is a public platform everyone has a right to express what they feel.

    Have a nice day

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