*Disclaimer: I NEVER went to beauty school… so try at your own risk! Ask someone to help you if you have never done this before! Do a little bit at a time 🙂 I know I will get a ton of people telling me I am doing it wrong.. BUT this is how I’ve ALWAYS done it 🙂 So this video is for those who want to learn how I cut my hair!! Enjoy my suga pies!!
Seen on Me:
Flash Tattoos in Dakota HERE | MAC Lashes #35 HERE
Lipstick Details: Lined with Morning Coffee by MAC
Lipstick: Milani Pretty Natural** mixed with Nude Creme
Product Used:
Conair Hair Cutting Scissors: HERE
Watch the Tutorial:


  1. I love how you showed anybody how you cut your hair because that is important to but I would like to see more makeup videos. I enjoy watching all your videos I have learned alot. keep up the insperation and when will you be in Texas so i could get a meet and greet from you

  2. hey beautiful love you so 🙂 please can you help me growing out my hair like yours? have you been under some treat? Vitamins or “levure de bière ? waiting for ur resp ASAP xoxo <3

  3. You're so good at what you do Carli!! I've watched every single one of your videos, so amazing!! Xoxo

  4. Hi Carli,

    As usual you look as beautiful as ever!
    I used to cut my own hair at home – and if you want a really good salon quality cut, dont grab large amounts of hair at a time and then cut otherwise the chunks will always stay grouped together and not flowy as with natural hair! Hope this makes sense! 🙂

    Can you please do a tutorial on this makeup look?

    Also I think a great idea for your videos would be to do a beginners on everything you do like foundation, concealer, blush application, highlighter application, lip liner tips, etc. And also an updated skin care regimen.
    I have all the good products but still struggle on the basic application of things and would love to watch a really good video on this! I have seen a few but they base these at teenagers who are just starting at makeup not at those who already wear a full face of makeup and want to know the basic fundaments to achieve a flawless application!

    Lisa xx

  5. Hi doll! Love this look… can yo do a tutorial sharing how you grew your hair out? Any tips, hair care suggestions, vitamins, etc? thanks girly!

  6. honestly, LOVE that you always blog about your looks & include the 'as seen on me' info. this is what sets you apart from other beauty gurus. It's always so easy & appealing to see exactly which products you used & have on. PLEASE keep the wonderful job up. you're doing amazing! 🙂

    btw, your hair looks AMAZING! you do such a great job at cutting it yourself.

  7. So gorgeous *-*
    I wished, i could do that without to looks like a swap in hindsight 😛

  8. Hi Carli! I love the makeup look, could you please do a tutorial on that? Also, I really like the lipstick, what would be the closest color to what you're wearing in a mac lipstick? Thank you!

  9. Time for an updated hair care routine. And the bra video and how to style a white T 😀

  10. Beauty at its best…
    Check out my Travel and Fashion Blog at

  11. Love this video! Please can you do a complete skincare routine? xx

  12. Absolutely love your videos! A true inspiration and so very talented in many ways! Can you please do a tutorial for a natural day at school with fall-inspired lip and/or cheek colors? : )

  13. Apparently she doesn't reply to anyone on her blog anymore, so looks like you will be waiting a while….

  14. I am from Greece.I watch your videos! You are sooo beautiful I love your eyebrows, you are so beautiful, and I learn from your videos!! Zodiac sign?????? Please tell me 🙂 I love you so much XoXo Christy Elles

  15. this makeup look remind me of the beginning of your videos <3.
    I really love every single videos (still), but the older ones looked different i don´t know what it is …
    the older Looks were way more natural if i watch a video now there is even a difference in the face (maybe it´s just me XD)

    I really do enjoy every Look, your such an inspiration :-* But this “oldies” are my favorites.

  16. Yes I would love to know, too, I've been searching for a similar one forever !
    You look gorgeous as always, love this make up look.

  17. Janay Argenti Reply

    Your eyeshadow and lips are so gorgeous! You are blessed with beauty, and you are such a fantastic make up artist as well ! love you so much!

  18. I got the lipstick you are wearing in this video. but I still can not figure out the color of eyeshadows. I don't guess you are going to tell me either.

  19. Carli, please do a makeup tutorial on this look! We know the lipstick, but not the eyeees!

  20. this makeup look would be so pretty this fall with the light brown colors. can you please do a tutorial. if you are reading any of my feed back. I know you think I am annoying. but I promise I will quit bothering you. I just want to see a tutorial on this makeup look. keep up the good work. I love watchin your videos.

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