Hi loves! I am loving alllll white for summer! I picked up these trousers a few months ago and have been waiting for the perfect time to wear them. Brett took me out in NYC last night 🙂 I love any excuse to get dressed up!! I understand this outfit is ‘sexy’ and maybe TOO much for some people… but as usual…. I love pushing extremes with fashion 🙂 I am 23 so I think i’ve earned it to wear what I please! Plus Brett is my personal body guard and will always protect me 😉 I always love to bring a blazer or sweater with me when I chose crop tops like this 🙂 That way when it gets chilly, I have no problems! I highly suggest putting together an all white outfit this summer! Something about all white that makes you feel good 🙂 Make sure to hashtag me so I can see your recreations! #Carlibel #TheFashionBybel I hope you all have an amazing night!!! Tomorrow is friday! YIPEEE!! Love you guys! XOXO Carli

Photography by the one & only Brett Caprioni <3 Check out his FITNESS channel on Youtube!
Outfit Details:
Caged Top: 10% Off code; BEAUTYBYBELHERE
Blazer: Bebe (last year) Similar options below!
White Trousers: Zara in store, Almost Exact ones: HERE
Earrings: Ludora 10% off code; carlibybel HERE
Necklace: HERE | Gold Arrow Bracelet: HERE
Beaded Bracelets: Asos SIMILAR | Purse: GoJane SIMILAR
Gucci Patent Sandals in BLACK Cheaper Options: HERE & HERE
 Blazer: Bebe (last year) Similar options below! 
C Ring HERE 10% OFF with codecarlixoxo 
Nail & Toe Polish: China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy HERE


  1. You're such a doll. Everything you put together is on point. I wore white on white the other day and you're right, it does make you feel good. Almost like an angel 🙂 Anyway, good job! I love the outfit.

  2. LOVE!!! Can you do a video on your diet/ work out routine??

  3. I love you so much Carli! You are such an inspiration! It actually is almost 4 am here(finland), and I've been up waiting for ur post! Haha, I looove the all white trend too!

  4. Carli you're so gorgeous!!! I love how you find such great items and they are completely affordable! Thank you for being so detailed in telling us where you get each item <3 xoxoxoox Love from Vancouver <3

  5. I love the outfit!! You look beautiful! I love your confidence and I think that you should flaunt what was given to you and what you have worked hard to receive! Wear whatever makes you happy who cares what others think and I know that you live by the motto and that is the greatest attitude to have!

    You are such an inspiration!

  6. You always look so amazing and fresh! I love watching what u come up with:)

  7. Love how you complain about your short legs but still rock all these trends! I have short legs too and I get nervous about rocking a lot of those pant/jumpsuit trends, but you kill it! #inspired


  8. I would love to see all these outfits on my 24yr. old daughter. She's petite, thin & 5'4 & so beautiful. Thank you Carli for modeling those gorgeous clothes. She loves them all <3

  9. Absolutely gorgeous! Who cares if you show a little boob and stomach, you are young, beautiful with a banging body. Love the look.

  10. Love love love this look for summer!! Will definitely be purchasing this to wear 🙂

  11. Girl you DO NOT need to apologize for dressing “sexy”. If you got it, flaunt it! Your outfits are always on point.

  12. Too sexy?? There's no such thing!! I think this outfit is classy, feminine & stunning. I love the white & gold jewelery you put with the outfit, I've been stocking up on it, it's so lovely for summer. Hope you and Bret had a fun night in NYC, I bet you got lots of admiring looks, haters gonna hate, no matter what you wear, xx

  13. This out fit was around 1138 give or take, I sponsor a child in india for 35 a month so she can receive food and medicine with this money I could sponsor 2 kids for an entire year…all in one outfit. wow

  14. I sponsor a few children every month through the UNICEF foundation. I give back as much as I can and plan on doing a lot more in the future. Glad to hear you do the same! x

  15. Hi i am from Germany I want to buy the Top which Size did you take? You Look Beautiful

  16. Hi Carli! I was wondering if you can put together some business casual outfits? I start a new job soon and I have no clue what to wear. I'm only 20 and I don't want to look like an old lady. Thanks!

  17. i loovveee every of your outfits and appreciate that you are so comfy in heels but could you do a video/post on how to get used to wearing them? ilysm xo

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