Hi lovies!!! I just recently got these amazing tassel bad boys!!! I always get inspired with fashion through one or two pieces. Today was definitely the shoes. While still in my pjs, I tried them on and instantly said YES! Must find a fab outfit to wear with these tonight!! Brett and I are going for a business dinner tonight at a fun club/lounge! I picked up this pencil skirt recently and thought it would look great paired together! One thing I will always try to do is mix affordable clothing with higher end stuff! This top is only $27 & the skirt is $17!!!! What a steal 🙂 hehe! I hope you enjoy this post! Love you muffins! Happy Saturday!!! XO Carli
Don’t do anything halfway, unless you’re willing to be half happy. 
Photography by the one & only Brett Caprioni <3 Check out his FITNESS channel on Youtube!
Seen on Me
Top: ‘Coco Crotchet top’ in Beige HERE (IN STOCK $27!!!)
Skirt:(its actually a light pink but called nude)ONLY $17 HERE
NEW Pink Tassel Heels: HERE | Purse: Asos (sold out) Similar 
Earrings: HERE Similar | Rings ALL 10% OFF with codecarlixoxo
Horse Shoe Rhinestone Necklace 10% OFF with codecarlixoxo  HERE
Kim Bangles Gold & Rose Gold 10% off with code: carlixoxo HERE
White Bangle: Kate Spade (sold out) Similar & Similar


  1. i love this outfit 🙂 i have such a odd figure I am curvy size 10 (uk) and a 30G(uk) in breasts i could never pull this look off, just look werid on me but making me want to lose more weight. xxx

  2. hi Carli, your success shows me that with hard work, passion and determination I can achieve a lot 😉 and youre the perfect example 🙂 well done xxx

  3. Love love love this outfit 🙂 what lipstick are you wearing here? been looking for a colour like this for ages but cant seem to get the perfect one. This one looks so natural and pretty 🙂

  4. Carli i seriously admire you so so so much, i think you are just amazing and inspiring i love everything you use, it's just so pretty!!! Mexico loves youuuu!!!!!

  5. I love this outfit soooo much!! Super cute shoes! You should do an updated summer workout video with Brett on your channel because you are so in shape! Love all of your videos and all of your inspiration 🙂

  6. Hi Carly,

    Your outfit looks beautiful. I like your top, but your link doesn't seems to work? Can you help me?

    Greetings from Holland! x Rashella

  7. You are a stunning Angel in this! Perfect outfit for your figure, but I love how you accessorise it!

  8. Carli your so beautiful!!! You are my inspiration:) I love your photography looks amazing!!! Which camera and lens do you use? I'm really trying to get a new camera and want to see what you recommend… Please and thank you 🙂

  9. Your bum looks fabulousss! That outfit is to die for but I actually might die if I don't go buy that top, too cute! Ly x

  10. Wow! That outfit is so freaking sexy! It's a perfect outfit to show off your curves. Love the idea of wearing pencil skirt this summer! Btw, I love the shoes! 🙂

  11. I saw this post last night for some reason I did not like it, but this morning I took another look and now I am obsessed with this combo haha Thank you for sharing!

  12. Please do a post all about bags and clutches. Please xox

  13. LOVE this look carli you are super inspiring, this post makes me want to go to the gym and get fit! Your body is incredible good job!

  14. OMGGGG YOU LOOK LIKE A FILMSTAR!! Your Body is amazing, PLEEASSEE do a Video which excersizes you do to get this Butt!!!! amazing Beauty and my Favorite youtuber! Best Wishes!

  15. why aren't you a model you're absolutely stunning! I love this outfit and would love to wear it out:)

  16. Hey Carli..do you think you can do a fashion blog on what to wear to a summer wedding? PLEASE AND THANK YOU!! LOVE your Wear!!

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