Hey my loves!! Today in NJ it was a scorcherrrrrr! It was like 96 degrees at one point. It was rough! A light romper like this is perfect to throw on for these types of days! They are super light and airy! I love this new one I just got from Asos! They actually have a coupon right now which is listed below! This deep teal color is so beautiful! I love love love it for summer. Do you guys love rompers as much as me? They are always the easiest 😉 Enjoy the post sugar pies! New video tomorrow!!
XOXO Carli


Seen on Me: Green Romper: HERE Multi Sphere Necklace: HERE
Sandals: Nine West (Last Year) BeltHERE | Crown Ring: Similar
Purse: Carli Cross Body Bag! HERE | Bracelets: Ludora (2 Years old!)


  1. This has got to be my favortie outfit of yours!!! 🙂 I just wanna take a moment and say how much of an inspiration you are 🙂 You have such a beautiful heart and we need more people like you in this world. Okay I'll stop now! Haha sending you love from all the way here in the Philippines! <3 xoxo

  2. This might sound weird but I was wondering if you were wearing a bra or what are you supposed to wear underneath?

  3. 96 degrees is a norm here in South East Texas but we have bad humidity here so 96 feels like 103 here. Ya'lls climate is way better than us b/c its dry instead of wet. But yes to answer your question I love rompers they are the easiest can't do all that jewelry if you plan on being inside then yes outside no b/c the metal/gold will get hot and melt on your skin.

  4. Thanks for everything you do Carli! Ive been watching you since day one! You are such an inspiration xoxo -Shay from Utah

  5. You are perffff, flawless and TBH there would be NOTHING AT ALL I would change about you or think that you should change, your goregous and ilysm ♥♥♥

  6. Wonderful !!! It's perfect 😮
    But where can I find the shoes ? I did'nt find them on the web, help me please 🙁

  7. Hi Carli, first of all this outfit looks amazing on you!! Second of all the beautiful necklace made me think of how I have absolutely no idea how to accessorize outfits so if you can do a tutorial on how to accessorize any outfit that would really help me and people like me that are totally clueless on this subject. I tried looking up other videos on this topic, but none of them have your style so it just wasn't working for me. :/ I would really appreciate it if you could make one!
    Thank you!!

  8. Wow Carli you look absolutely amazing! I love this look on you! What color are your nails?

  9. OMG you are perfect!!! I wish I could meet you one day,cause I live far away from you. Love you and your work..kisses xox

  10. Hi gorgeous! I followed all the rules. I would like tow in the handbag/makeup giveaway. I like my brown hair and my nails. Thank you so much ♡ no twitter!

  11. I love your nails. What color are they and what brand of polish?

  12. Obsessed with this outfit it's beautiful i only have one question i looked at the back on the website what do you wear for a bra it's backless!

  13. Just wondering what size you have on in your pic? i'm 5'7 almost and 116 lbs… just want to order right… thank you! beautiful! been trying to look for cute stuff to wear here in Austin tx… coming from Miami where theres so many options for clothes, to here where it's mostly hipster its hard!!

  14. Maria Centeno Reply

    Hi Carly, You Look very Beautiful, this is one of my favorite outfit of your blog, but obviously all are amazing..

  15. Just wanted to know what size your belt is? We're the same size and I want to make sure I get the right size.
    You look absolutely beautiful as always, btw 🙂

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