Hi my loves!!! I would love to hear your feedback on this ‘series’ idea!! I think it could be a lot of fun! That way whenever you’re stumped on how to do your makeup, or what lipstick to buy, you can come right to my channel and click the color your looking for! Let me know some of your fuchsia favorites 🙂 Love you muffins!!! XOXO Carli

Seen on Me: Earrings: Ludora 10% Off code: carlibybel HERE
Pale Pink Top: Nasty Gal (1 Left) Also in Other Colors Shown Below!
Fuchsia Favs in Order:
1. Covergirl Lip Perfection in Spellbound HERE
2. NYX Butter Lipstick in Sweet Tart HERE
3. NYX Chunky Dunk(I don’t even like typing it)Berry Mojito HERE
4. BH Cosmetics Lipstick in Pop Cultured HERE
5. DLS in Guilty Pleasure *10% OFF code: Carli10 HERE
6. DOC Lipstick in Seductive HERE
7. MAC Lipstick in Flat Out Fabulous HERE or HERE
8. OC Lip Tar in Pretty Boy HERE or HERE
9. Feyoshe Cosmetics in Baddie HERE
10. Revlon Nail Polish in Plum Seduction HERE
I also saw they actually have one called Fuchsia Fever! HERE
11. Essie Nail Polish in Too Taboo HERE
12. MAC Lip Liner in More to Love HERE
13. BH Cosmetics 10 Color Blush Palette HERE
14. Maybelline Master Glaze in Pink Fever HERE
15. NEW BH Eyes on the 70s Makeup Palette HERE
16. Ludora Earrings *10% Off code: carlibybel HERE & HERE
Makeup Products Used in Order:
Sigma Eye Shadow Base in Awake HERE
Sigma Eye Shadow in Chase HERE
NEW BH Eyes on the 70s Makeup Palette HERE
Velour Lashes: Doll Me Up 15% OFF code: CARLIVELOUR15 HERE
MAC Gel Eye Liner HERE | Cheaper: BH Black Gel Onyx Liner
Loreal MascaraHERE | BH 10 Color Blush Paletteonly $11 HERE
Kiko Cosmetics Shadow used for highlight in color #208
MAC Lip Liner in More to Love HERE
DLS Lipstick in Guilty Pleasure *10% OFF code: Carli10 HERE
 –OC Lip Tar in Pretty Boy HERE or HERE

*Contour & Highlight Videos:
1. How I Contour & Highlight HERE
2. Cream Contour & Highlight HERE
3. Drugstore Contour & Highlight HERE
4. How I Fill in My Brows HERE



  1. Love the idea! Can't wait for dark red!!!
    The look is awesome! I feel like you're my truly-needed-best friend!
    Kisses and hugs all the way from here in Iran (Middle East!) <3

  2. I have just bought a fuchsia romper for my holidays so this video will deffinitely help me when I come to do my make up when I have it on! I think you should do the mint colour like you said next time, I have been loving mint these past few weeks! Kisses from the UK x

  3. I love the idea of a color series! It would be so helpful when I pick an outfit out to get some color inspiration for my makeup! 🙂

    I use a ton of turquoise in my clothing, so I would love to see a blue-inspired makeup look during your color series! Keep up the great work girl!

  4. I think you are a good person too! 🙂 Got addicted to yr makeup tutorials..!

  5. you have the perfect skin colour! you could wear any colour on your lips and you would look flawless! in this series, could you do one of like deep shades. like deep purples and reds. that would be awesome! also, i dont know about other people but i love long wear lipsticks because when i wear a bright colour i dont want it to get all over my face. LOVE YOUUUU <3 <3

  6. Hi Carli! I've been watching your videos for the past month and fell in love with them and you! You're very inspiring and I love that all your videos have quotes in the beginning. I have a request for you to do a video.
    The video I am requesting is something like cleaning out your makeup collection, such as when to get rid of make up, fake lashes, how long to keep a certain type of make up, etc. I've always had make up that I don't finish using and I've had them for a long time now, where I'm not sure when to throw it out and when it isn't good to use anymore. I also have friends asking questions about how many uses before throwing away fake lashes or if it's okay to still have unused make up for over a year that has been opened already.
    I believe I have not seen any beauty youtube guru done a video about that, and I think you will be a perfect fit for that video! You have such great tips and suggestions!

    Thank you!

  7. This color is on amazing you! I think the color series is a great idea, and would LOVE to see more colors and videos displaying that. Also colors according to season and trend would so hit that high note with us girlies that watch you day in and day out.! Love you Carli! Hugs&Kisses from Houston,TX 🙂

  8. Hi carli, i live in pakistan and i love your tutorials, i have literally learned so much from you. You are so so so s o pretty. You are a true inspiration for me and i have been telling everyone about you and they love

  9. Hi Carli! I love love love your hair color! I watched your tutorial a few months back on how you color your hair. I was curious, do you still use the same color and box dye? I noticed in your newer tutorials the color seems to have a hint of red, and I didn't know if you changed what color you use. I am trying to match mine before I buy the extensions you suggested. Also, what color extensions do you use from Bellami?

    Thanks so much! You are gorgeous! I love love your hair. I have been looking for a color similar to this for quite some time!

  10. Love this look! I bought a dress for my cruise that will match this look perfectly! You're absolutely beautiful!! <3 Love from Long Island!

  11. I am SO SO in love with this look! Amazing idea with the colours…I think MINT GREEN is huge this summer (although maybe not for the lipstick) but an eye look would be amazing!xxx

  12. carlyyy please create a look with yellow , i love yellow but i dont know how to use it in my makeup … pleasee i love u ! 🙂

  13. Shallan Alkurdi Reply

    I followed all the steps in the giveaway. The first thing I love about myself is helping and supporting people in any situation. The second thing I love is how I motivate myself each and every day to work out even if I'm tired or not in the mood to work out. I would love to win the grand prize: Beauty/Fashion. Thanks Carli and Brett. I love you guys. God bless you 🙂

  14. I followed all the steps in the giveaway. The first thing I love about myself is helping and supporting people in any situation. The second thing I love is how I motivate myself each and every day to work out even if I'm tired or not in the mood to work out. I would love to win the grand prize: Beauty/Fashion. Thanks Carli and Brett. I love you guys. God bless you 🙂

  15. Carmel Thornton Reply

    Can you do a video about how to do your lips. Whenever I line mine they look messy or just not right! Thanks xx

  16. I love and respect ur personality Carly u r just an awesome girl !! keep doing what u r doing u r making my day !!!!!!! love uuuu honey :* u have to know thzt u hzve lot of fans from tunisia and am one of them :))))))))))))))))))
    I followed all the giveaway steps , i hope to win because i canot find these super beautiful items here in my country .
    No Instagram
    No Tweetter
    love u soooo much
    i love my eyes and my patience .
    I could not comment on ur blog because it allows only 5000 comment unfortunately which is not fair that people commented more then 10 times on the blog video :''''(
    Thank u for being always here to inspire us u r just awesome i really learned a lot from u :))))))))))))))))))))))))

  17. Hello Carli♥
    Thankyou soooo much for this video and yor other videos, I loved it and I love u. I am hoping to buy them products soon and I just wanted to say, u inspired me so so so much I loved u since I saw ur youtube videos everybody in my school know u r my biggesy fan!!! I told everyone about u and now they watch ur videos. Also your haters are haters thays whu they are below u. I am only 13 (iknow toooooo young), but you really inspire me and I love u soo much u helped me sooo much by ur videos. Please follow me on instafram @tasnimahad and please visit London and I want to really see u so pls try come london I love u soo much and pls never stop smiling bcoz the reason I am smilin is because u helped me and inspired me sooo much u r very beautoful too so dont ever frown. Bye have a good day xx x

  18. I can t seem to purchase any Mac products since I'm from malta and Mac doesn't ship here *sighs* you are soooo pretty carli I watch all of your vids love you and keep them coming xx if you know from where I can buy a few Mac products that would be awesome

  19. Hey babe,
    lots of kisses from the UK :*
    just want to say, as soon as I saw the title of this video I wondered if you had tried Flat Out Fabulous and i screamed when I saw you did! I bought it spontaneously when I was in London a few weeks ago and it is the best best best lipstick I've ever tried.
    If anyone is debating paying £15 for it – DO IT!
    I fell asleep with it on the other week (I know I should'nt have..oops) and when I woke up in the morning it looked like I had JUST applied it – no smudging, no feathering, no marks on my pillow.
    I don't usually comment on your videos but I just had to say how much I adore that lipstick.
    I've been a huge fan for so long now, you've inspired me and made me really appreciate make-up, I see it as an art now.
    I wish I could meet you one day, I'm coming to the US (Florida) next month, my first time across the pond!! I would love if you could do a video of all the “US only” make up you use so I can grab a huge haul when I come over.
    Loads of love… Jasmin, 19 xxxxxxxxxxx

  20. Thank you carli so much for always been so natural, I been following you for a while right now and every single time that I watch a video you help some way on my life because you always positive, gorgeous and able to put my self esteem high i just want to thank you for that and for share this awesome ideas with us all the time, please never change love carli ;)♡♡♡

  21. Please do a makeup look for gold sequin dress 🙂

  22. Carli, I love the look!! I'm so excited to try!! Can you tell me what colour you were wearing on your nails?

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