Hi lovies! Last week I had my friend Antonio’s Graduation Dinner! So proud of him 😀 It was up in New York, so I knew I had to get a little fancy fancy! It’s funny because whenever i’m not stressed about finding an outfit- I always find the cutest ones. Go FIGYAAA. Haha. I got all dressed and right before I left I was like WAIT! Let me do a quick blog post for this look! So thanks again Brett for taking some quick pics for me!!! I hope you guys enjoy this post 🙂 I have a new video coming your way tomorrow!! Love you muffins! Happy HUMP Day 🙂 hehe

XOXO Carli
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  1. hi carli i like this outfit but pleasssse post the outfit details on that beautiful yellow playsuit that you had on the pink carpet !!!!!

  2. I love the color combination, accessories are well thought. This outfit makes your body looks stunning, but I'm not sure about the top it's weird looking on you, maybe is because of the bra, or the size of the top is too small. But overall you look amazing <3

  3. Omg love this, simple, elegant, edgy, classy. The outfit looks effortlessly put together!! They always do say less is more 😉 love it!! Xoxo

  4. i really love this look you look stunning!!!! I was just wondering what did you use to make this blog, its really good xxx

  5. wow you look amazing, i love the little details like the belt matching the shoes, and the clutch is cute. Also pairing the royal blue top with the deep green shorts work so well. I love this outfit and I love your blog!

  6. Hi Carli- I have followed all the steps in the Giveaway! Sorry I do not have an instagram or a twitter so, *NO Twitter and *NO Instagram. Two things I love about myself is that I can look in the mirror everyday and be proud of the person I have become, and I love that I can make people smile =] The prize I would love to win is the bag with all your goodies so I can continue to feel good about myself with your makeup tips! or the second prize so I can record special moments with my fiance. Thank you! <3 Margaret

  7. Can you do a video on you did uor hair there please 🙂

  8. my fav look out of all <3
    sorry to disturb this beautiful post, but I couldn't leave a comment in the other post :/
    1. my eyes
    2. I'm not complicated and I always want people to be happy 🙂
    Fashion price ♥♥♥
    love you carly. you're an angel x
    followed the steps

  9. Love love love all of your outfits. I can never find a good bra to wear with light shirts or “spaghetti” strap shirts. Could you please do a blog post on the right types of bra to wear with certain shirts? Thank you!

  10. Hi Carli! You are so beautiful inside and out and most of all, inspiring! Now, I don't want to go negative at all but I wanted to share some info with you. I am currently in school for skincare and am always trying and researching new products. Recently, I've been reading a lot about the NeriumAD products and I remember seeing you use them in one of your videos. Although you can never just believe what you read, I'm afraid that there may be some harmful ingredients in their products. Sometimes the products we use seem to give us positive results instantaneously, but can have damaging effects over time. Here's an article explaining why.


    Just looking out for you girl! I know you care a lot about your health, as do I! On a more positive note, I highly, highly recommend SkinMedica or Paula's Choice products. Paula's Choice products are NEVER tested on animals and cater to many different skin types :). They're self tanners and non-comedogenic (won't clog pores) which is super rare to find!

  11. *followed all the steps, & did them all 🙂
    1. I love the fact that I never give up♥
    2. I love how open minded I am:)
    I would love love love to win all 3 prizes lol but since I have to choose only one… I have to go with the bag lol. That's just because I carry my life in my bag. I go to school, from school work, from work Barnes&nobles and from there the gym. So I would love to walk around with a purse I truly love and would be proud of. And of course the make-up would be a plus plus plus ♥♥♥ I got to stay looking pretty while doing all this, right? lol
    I would like to stay thank you guys for taking out the time to do this giveaway. And letting us *your YouTube watchers , that y'all care about us and appreciate us♥ its a a great feeling♥ I think both of y'all are so cute together… and let me stop there before I go rambling about y'all lol
    I hope to win ! Love Alexandra Gomez aka Alex:)

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