Hi my loves!!! I am back! I’ve had a new foundation routine the past few weeks and wanted to share it with you! I started using the beauty blender! It really helps get the foundation into your skin. I love how it looks with my new Chanel foundation. There are only a few changes, but to be honest, I’ve seen a difference! I love perfecting new tricks and being able to share them with you 🙂 I also wanted to do this top knot video for you guys because I constantly find myself doing it lately! I know this eye makeup look is simple, but I decided to finish off the look for the video 😀 I hope you enjoy!!! I have a new Target tutorial coming Friday and I plan on filming a NEW one to get up for Saturday! Love you muffins! XOXO Carli
Seen on Me:
Top: Bebe HERE

Products Used in Order:
-Laura Mercier Radiance Foundation Primer: HERE
*Applied with my Sigma F55 Brush in Gold HERE
-Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation #40 HERE
-BB Cream +Illumination  25% Off code: carli HERE
*Applied with my Beauty Blender  HERE
-Makeup For Ever Concealer: (to Contour) HERE
*Applied with my Sigma L05 Brush in Gold HERE
-Revlon Age Defying Concealer in Light HERE
*Applied with my Sigma F75 Brush in Gold HERE
& Sephora Pro Airbrush #57 HERE
-Laura Mercier Concealer HERE or HERE
*Applied with my Beauty Blender  HERE
-MAC Blotting Powder in Medium HERE 
*Applied with my Sigma F35 Brush in Gold HERE
-Balm Mary Lou Manizer (thanks for the suggestion!) HERE
-NEW BH Eyes on the 70s Makeup Palette HERE
– Ardel Lashes: Wispies HERE | Loreal MascaraHERE
-Kiko Eye Liner | NEW BH Cosmetics Matte Bronzer HERE
-Urban Decay New Naked Flushed Blush HERE
*Applied with my Sigma F50 Brush in Gold HERE
-MAC Silly Lipliner HERE Cheaper Option: HERE
-MAC Viva Glam Lipstick ‘Nicki’ HERE
-Salmon Lip Gloss 25% off HERE using code: carli
*Sigma Gold Brush Set:10% off code CARLI10  HERE
-Loreal Elnett Satin Hair Spray HERE

Watch the Tutorial


  1. Carli do you know a great dupe for the viva glam Nikki?? I'd appreciate your response!! Thanks! 🙂 and you looked absolutely STUNNING in this tutorial!!! 🙂

  2. I love yoyour videos^_^ one question which extension from Bellami do you wear along with which hair dye do you use to for your natural hair

  3. okay b/c everyone can afford Chanel makeup???? Its like the products you use on new videos get more expensive. not everyone can afford what you get Carli remember that

  4. Carli,
    do you wet the beauty blender before using it? I saw somewhere that you are supposed to wet it and wring it out so that it is damp when you use it to apply your foundation. Maybe it's just personal preference but I use mine damp and I love it but I've never tried it dry.

  5. Please do a new Get Ready with Me Video! I am loving the Revlon age defying concealer. Great drugstore alternative for a concealer/highlighter 🙂

  6. You definitely should be doing a video on how to remove makeup! its also super important!
    You're amazing, I watch every single video of yours <3
    keep it up!

  7. Love this video! I know in past videos you've used your Laura Mercier concealer, and I just purchased the same one! However, mine seems very dry and it's very difficult to get it on a brush. Also, when applying it it sort of dries my skin out…any advise/tips???

  8. After you finish your tutorial I would love to see a full body shot, so we can see the whole look with the hair, makeup and outfit. Just a thought!

  9. Love this video! I'll have to look into that illuminator! When your hair is in the high pony tail you look like Katy Perry! Ha! Can we get a video on your new workout/diet? Thanks!

  10. I'm sorry, but it doesn't allow me to publish this comment on the giveaway post 🙁

    I didn't really need to do that much to enter the giveaway coz I was already following both of you cuties, anyway I followed all the steps for the giveaway and it's time to say the two thing I appriciate most of myself (I apologize for my English, I'm from Italy ^^)
    First thing is that I'm self confident, and that is not a small thing, because I really enjoy my youth without paying that much attention to what the other think about me;
    Second thing is my behavior when facing the problems, I always try to stay positive, even if sometimes it's not that easy.

    Facebook: Olly Dobrunik
    Twitter: OllyDobrev
    Instagram: helenolly
    Youtube: HelenEvansSnape

    Thanks for being so inspiring guys! Ciao :)

  11. Hey carly i just started watching your videosand i absoutly live them

  12. She is posting her foundation routine. You can look up drugstore foundation routines but she is posting HER foundation routine which are these products.

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