Hello love bugs! Woke up extra early to get another video up this week for you all!! I’ve seen tons of requests for a more colorful look on my channel. Since easter is right around the corner, I figured now is the perfect time to film something using pastels!!! This look is SUPER easy to do!!! I hope you decide to try it 🙂 If so make sure to HASHTAG #Carlibel! I love seeing you recreate my looks! Love you guys!!!! XOXO Carli
Seen on Me:
Pink Playsuit: ShowPo 10% Off use code; BEAUTYBYBEL HERE
Earrings: Ludora 10% off with code: carlibybel HERE | Gold Necklace: HERE
Products Used:
Sigma Brushes (In Order) 10% Off: carli10 E55 E40 F55 F05
Charged WaterHERE | Smashbox Full Exposure PaletteHERE
BH Cosmetics: Galaxy Chic Palette HERE | Urban Decay Electric Palette: HERE
BH Gel Onyx Liner | Loreal Telescopic MascaraHERE | MAC Lashes #35 HERE
Maybelline Define a Line in Black HERE Jordana Lipliner Tawny
Motives: Cotton Candy Lipstick & MAC Myth Lipstick: HERE 
CYS Lip Gloss in Fiji 25% off HERE using code: carli
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*Hair Extensions: 260g HERE Use Code: Carlibel55 for a discount!


  1. So pretty! I will have to try this for Easter! I also just bought more Ludora boutique earrings! So happy you're back Carli! I hope you got my package ok before you left on your vacation! 🙂 !!!

  2. I just bought the 260g from bellami! My hair is layered and they don't blend in as well. Did you cut your extensions to have them blend into your hair? HELP! haha

  3. You're so beautiful inside and out Carli I can't imagine how anyone could find something hateful to say about you! Love this look XO <3

  4. Love you just the way you are. One of the few youtubers i actually like to follow! Keep up your lovely spirit! Love the look and you using more highlighter i feel *yay*. Gonna try the look without lashes (not that kind of lashes girl). Can't wait for your next video xoxo

  5. Your so inspiring. You handled all those nasty comments so well. Brushed it right off your should. I need to take a page from your book 🙂 Beautiful Easter look. Such a warm weather look. LOVE YOU CARLI!!!!

  6. Cute make-up , colors perfect for Easter. I definitely have to try it . Stay positive and don't care of haters they are just jealous. Glad you're back with new videos 😉 Kiss :*

  7. i completely support u deleting mean comments! ignore them because you are amazing and you inspire all of us!!!!!!!! we know how genuine you are xx love you doll this easter look is amazing!

  8. Continue you're excelent job, all who speak of you are jealous, i see you're videos again and again, every day you are AWESOME!!!! LOVE all of you're tutorials……from Puerto Rico…. Thank you.

  9. LOVE you!! You are wonderful! I have no idea about the drama in your life but those who put others down need to grow up and get over themselves!
    You ROCK!

  10. You are so amazing Carli! I love that you are so helpful with the links and guiding us where we can get the products! Truly a great decision I made in subscribing to you! Happy Easter!

  11. Hi Carli! I love love all your tutorials! You are simply gorgeous! The sad part is that as much as I try I can't get that perfect look. Ugh! Maybe it's my age… Sure wish when I was younger you already existed. Thanks for giving this 57 yr old some confidence in herself. Love ya Amiga!

  12. I love all your tutorials!! I just bought the Jordana lip liner in Tawny and I love love love it! Thanks for the great tips!

  13. What do you use for the eyebrows, if you can*t respond here search for me on facebook Seicaru Roxana Mihaela …please help i*m from Romania and i don*t know how to search for the product …even a link would be great . Thanks

  14. I love your art & especially your art as you put makeup on! I love this earrings of ludora, I would have loved to!
    Unfortunately, I come from Germany & the delivery of the parcel is simply exaggerated expensive! : ( I must have them necessarily sometime!
    i'm a make-up artist too! 🙂
    may I would like to ask you with what camera do you turn your tutorials, because that always looks great!? my camera is very bad & the zoom works not really!

    lovley Laura

  15. Nice. like the way you explained all the steps. I hope i can do this myself! Where do you do your shopping and how much money do you invest in all this beauty products that you use because you are looking perfect all the time?

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