Hello sugar pie honey bunssss 😉 Back with a favorites video!!! I was slacking last month so I combined some Feb favorites into this video/blog post! I wanted to mention a few products I recently bought and love! Below I listed a few fashion finds that I either have already or plan on getting for Spring time!! I hope you guys enjoy this video!! I CANNOT WAIT TO MEET SOME OF YOU AT NYC IMATS!!!!! We are going to have a BLAST! More info is listed below, so make sure you come squeeeeeeeeze me!! Love you muffins! XO Carli

Seen on Me
Top: Zara (in store brand new!)
Necklace Ludora Get 10% OFF your order! Code: carlibybel HERE
Nails: (Got them painted blue at salon) SIMILAR color & Revlon Nail Strips in Frosting

Bracelets: Gold Tassel Bracelet HERE & Other Gold Bracelet: HERE
Kim Bangle 10% off with code: carlixoxo HERE & HERE
Get the Kim & Nail Bracelet Set 10% off with code: carlixoxo HERE

My Favorites!!

MAC Lipstick in Peachstock HERE | Milani Pink Love HERE
BB Plus Illuminating Cream 25% off using code: carli HERE
Estee Lauder Illuminating Powder Limited Edition HERE
Stila All Over Luminizer Kitten Shimmer HERE
Ardel Duo Dark Tone Eyelash Adhesive HERE
Maybelline the Buffs in Bare All LipstickHERE or HERE 
Maybelline Limited Edition Lip Glosses: 105 & 110
DipBrowHERE Also *Brow Duo HERE or Brow Bar HERE Use Code: ZBROW
Dove Ultimate go fresh Cool Essentials, Cucumber & Green Tea Deodorant HERE
Sigma Copper Brush Set: Save 10% using code CARLI10  HERE
Garnier Blackhead Eliminating Scrub Face Wash HERE

MateFit Tea: 10% OFF with code: BRETTFIT Metabollic Boost & Goji & TeaTox

260g BELLAMI Extensions Mochachino Brown USE CODE: Carlibel55 for $$ off

Fashion Favorites for March:
*Beginning Boutique 10% off code: CARLI
Watch the Video!


  1. You are the most beautiful person in the world <3 You are such an inspiration for me. I am sad that i live so far away from you :( I want to meet you and i hope i will one day <3 Love you

  2. Hey beautiful, Just want u too know that u are such an inspiration!! Hope u can visit us here in Australia and see u at IMATS. I've tried to email u, not sure if u received it. In much need for your support and hope u can follow us on IG. I would really appreciate it Hun! Xxxooo

  3. You, Nicole Guerriero AND Jaclyn Hill all at the SAME sigma booth! So wish I lived closer to go see all of you 🙂 Have fun and thanks for the great post as always!

  4. Carli, you are truly an inspiration. I moved with my husband to Alaska for two years and was struggling with becoming a new, young mom and feeling isolated. I lost myself along the way. I fell into a rut and found your videos on youtube. I can honestly say you have helped me gain confidence. My husband now watches Brett's videos too!

  5. Hello Carli, I just wanna say that you are my most prized inspiration!! you help me to become a better person and look at things with a positive mind(and trust me if you knew me you know it was almost impossible!!), anyway I just wanted to say thankyou and keep doing the great work. kisses from Madeira. xoxo 🙂

  6. As always, you look amazing! I am loving the Estee Lauder illuminating powder! I would like to know what you recommend for moisturizers? My skin is in an awkward change-over from the mixture of warm and cold weather. Thank you!

  7. You always make my day, you're an amazing person, beautiful from the inside as on the outside! I'm so sad I live so far, far away (in Croatia, Europe), but I hope I will meet you someday!
    Love you doll <3
    xo, Antonela

  8. I want to come to Australia SO BAD! It is on my list of places to go 🙂 I have tons of emails i'm trying to go through XOXO

  9. Oooo Sephora now ships to England!! yay! I'm about to get my shop on lol. Love the STILA
    All Over Shimmer Liquid Luminizer that Carli reviewed, now I get to buy it without the crazy international shipping costs, my day has officially been made ;-D thanks Carli xoxo.

  10. Aw love!! I'm sorry for all your going through <3 SO glad I could help even if its through the computer. Keep that chin up my love!!!! Thanks for your comment <3 made me happy!!! LOVE U!

  11. Let's hope u come some and we can give u a tour of Sydney. Mwah U are adorable. Really hope u can read my email soon Hun, I know u have sooo many to read cuz ur jst so fabulous. Love if u follow me on IG. Would make my day!!! Xxxooo

  12. Just wanted to say thank youuuu for being such a great person! Really, you inspired me to keep on writing on my blogs, and you have such an amazing style, I really hope my blog can be as awesome as yours one day! THANK YOU ♥ Love you!

  13. Hey Carli. I tried to find the pink zara top 🙁 but Unfortently i did not found it. Can u post a link for it pls, u r such an isperation. Are u planing to visit sweden soon? Regards from sweden love u doll

  14. You are my all time go to makeup guru and the most beautiful person ever, Carli ♥ I also live a little farther away from IMATS really wish you would one day come to the Minneapolis area! I would absolutely LOVE to meet you someday !! 🙂 Stay positive ! Love you ! 🙂

  15. Hello Carli!
    I have some suggestions for future videos :)..
    – update on vanity + makeup collection + organization
    – sweat proof makeup
    – your workout routine on bretts channel
    – A spring affordable look book
    – and more get ready with mes and a get unready with me 🙂
    that's all, i love watching ur videos! ur my favorite beauty guru on youtube:) xoxo

  16. This was amazing <3 Thank you alot love for your recommendation and your work on your videos, amazing as usual <3 Thanx alot <3 Best wishes <3 ^_^

  17. You are honestly such an inspiration and I greatly admire you ^.^ You're absolutely gorgeous and i wish you the best in life!! i hope i get to meet you one day 🙂 Love You <<33

  18. Omg I love you so só much I love your style I think you are one of the most beautiful girl in the world. I saw your video I heard you saying you will be in NY. ..i live in Brazil I really Wish I could be in NY just to meet you. Please never change you are such an inspiration.

  19. i'm SO glad i came across your videos one day randomly looking up makeup. youre the only person i watch! 🙂 love you! hope to meet you someday lol we're both in jersey so it can happen!! fingers crossed lol 🙂

  20. I absolutely love you! When I'm having a rough day, honestly, your videos are the ones I go to… You have become such an inspiration for me.. I love your style and you make me feel comfortable trying new things! Thank you for making a hard or just average day that much better! Love you Carli!

  21. I've recently heard about these 3D fiber lash mascara. Do you know of it? Would you recommend it? I know you love the one you use, its just that I'm a new mom to my 4th baby and i don't have the time i once did for false lashes.

  22. Hi Carli…please! tell me whenever you come to San Antonio, texas. I really would like to meet you !! U inspire me and my friends to take care of ourselves..LOL! thanks 4 everything! xOxO

  23. Hey carli… would yu please please tell me whats good for my hair growth and healthiness.? Your hair is jusr so gorgeous and healthy, it makes me cry because I really want my hair healthy and long as yours.
    Thank you

  24. Another place to learn about u see ur style which is fab by the way. U are so sweet and inspiring and such a great sense of style rockin it gf:) wish i could meet u and give u a big hug sugar pie hunni bun lol:) i am a mother of two and feel out of the loop for style now that im over 30 but watching u helps me keep on trend with the upcommig fashion and makeup looks. Luv u !

  25. Ilona

    You are the best Carli.
    Im following you almost one year.
    During my pregnancy you were my inspiration to be girly and look stylish and nice.
    thank you that you are…
    ilona from Lithuania

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