Hello my suga plums!!!! Finalllly whipped out this fab baby blue jacket!! I bought it a few months back and have been staring at it ever since!!! I painted my nails the other day and since I chose blue, I figured now is the time to finally put together an outfit 🙂 This beautiful blue color is EVERYWHERE this spring!!!! And I must say, I don’t even mind ;D I decided to pair it with a pair of leather pants & a plain white Tee! When in doubt, throw on a tee to pull together your outfit!! You can dress it up or down which is always fun 🙂 Maybe I should do a video showing a few ways to pair a white Tshirt?! Let me know!!! Hope you enjoy this post 🙂 As always #Carlibel so I can see you recreate my looks!!!

XOXO Carli

Photography by the one & only Brett Caprioni <3 Check out his FITNESS channel on Youtube!
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  1. I love this! I actually used this Zara jacket as inspiration for one of my projects in school this semester. It's definitely a stand out from their spring collection. I would love to see a video or post on how you style tshirts! One of my fave things to wear. You look gorgeous as always. xx

  2. Loving it all!! It's another outfit I'm dying to do! Something I want to do now that's it's Autumn/Fall in Australia! You look lovely in every single outfit you put together! Love you girl! xx

  3. Ahhh omg great minds thinks alike 🙂 I just bought those shoes from aldo last week and I'm obsessed, so comfy! White tees are so easy to pair with everything (another great idea i got from you). I say thumbs up to doing a video on a bunch of outfits you would choose 🙂 Love everything about you!!

  4. I LOVE this post! This color is my favorite for spring and summer 🙂 I really like the picture in front of the window that says “beautiful” and how convenient that its the same color! Keep up the good work girl! xoxo

  5. This is so gorgeous! Love the whole ensemble, pastels with a hard edge, total gorgeousness. Love it Carli xxxxxxxxxx

  6. Love love lovee this so much!! Yes please do a video on how to pair a white tee 🙂 I have so many and don't know what to do with them

  7. Love it! You make fashion look so easy!!! As always you look amazing! N yessss to the tshirt idea!!!!!! Keep up the awsome work doll!!


  8. Love it Carli!! Your hair sleek straight goes with the outfit perfectly too!! You have such great classy style. I love that you use inexpensive clothes for us. You're amazing. That day when you have your own clothing line and be your own fashion designer is almost here u know it! 🙂 ♡ Brett is a great photographer also. Always send you my best wishes darling! -youre fan Ruby from az

  9. Hey beautiful!!! U r amazing ���������� I love this look on u soo much! I am also obsessed with Ludora Jewlery. Hope u got my email and please check my insta account amadrajat

  10. I love the black RB sunnies! My mom bought me the brown with gold outlined Aviators for my bday, but I instantly returned them for the same ones that you have (black on black Aviator), thinking I would love them since you make them look so great, but I don't feel I personally can pull them off :/ Can you help give tips as to how to pull off brown sunnies and black sunnies and what colors/styles look good on what face shapes? Maybe have some other face shapes to model? (Heart shaped faced, larger forehead, square jaw-line, etc?) Thank you!!

  11. Ya, I'd say it's definitely appropriate! Plus, who says you have to synchronize every outfit with the exact season? Being yourself in your own style looks the best! 🙂

  12. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!!! And it's my favorite color!!!!! Did you do that just for me??? Haha – kidding!!!! You look awesome girl! I know that people probably don't realize oh much work goes into posting all those links and getting all those discounts for everyone and such – but that is so awesome that you do that – and I know how much fricken work it takes!!!! You go girl – you are so good to your followers. :-). Looking great! Xoxo

  13. Been looking for a nice bag for spring and summer, love this one! Def want a blue or pale pink. Can you make a blog post about clutches and small bags for spring and summer?? I would love that and it would be so helpfull!!

    Love from Sweden

  14. Hi carli ��
    You are a true inspiration and I love your fashion sense its absolutely beautiful and stunning. Not only that but you are such a sweet person from the inside and you give out so much peace and love which is very inspiring. I love this look its absolutely stunning!
    Big love from alll the way UK

  15. i would love to see a video on the white tees!! this is one of my fav looks !! you look beautiful as always!! <3333

  16. You look amazing babe!
    Afeeyah xo

    New post ~http://smilerrr.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/my-top-3-hero-face-masks-reviews.html

  17. I love it when your hair is straight! You look beautiful as always! 🙂 kisses from Germany

  18. Carli there is not ONE thing you wear or do that is dislike . I literally love you and all of you ! Your personality your fashion literally is exactly the same as mine I love every single outfit !!! I will be coming out with a channel and you are one of my inspirations . You prove to me that you can be young and walk in your purpose ! EVERYTHING you do is so professional and through ! Your blog is FLAWLESS. I LOVE how you literally link exactly where you got everything AND ALTERNATIVES . That takes time !!! You deserve all the things you have because I KNOW you work HARD! Pic LOVE YOU I can't wait to meet you one day ! I'm sure we'd make great friends ! Bless you !!!!! Xoxo Asha Foster

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