Hello hello hello!!! I am finally back 🙂 Took about a week to settle back into reality 😉 I went out to a late lunch with Brett and my best friend Nicole yesterday. Since we turned the clocks back, we get a few extra hours of day light!! YIPPEEEE! Now I can take blog pictures of my outfits when I leave the house. GOT TO LOVE SPRING! I am SO ready for the warmer weather. We keep getting a spring teaser with this semi warm weather here in NJ. I heard snow is headed our way later in the week though 🙁 GO FIGYAAA! lol Oh well… eventually it’ll be so hot here that I’ll be wishing for winter! Us girls are always so indecisive 😉 I got a keratin treatment a week before our vaca.. and I must say… I AM OBSESSED. My hair naturally air dried like this… Crazy right? If you saw my hair tutorial where I teach you how I blow it out, you know what it naturally looks like. I will do an updated video talking all about the treatment, so stay tuned if you are interested! Back to filming this week! I plan on filming tons of videos since i’ve been a little slow the past few weeks!!!! I love you muffins! Hope you enjoy this post!! XOXO Carli

Seen on Me:
Leopard Blouse: HERE | PurseHERE | Shoes: Zara(Last Season)
Cut Out Boyfriend Jeans: GOJANE (they are now sold out)
Ray Ban Sunnies: Find them: HERE HERE HERE
*Cheaper Similar Sunnies: HERE HERE HERE HERE
Nail Polish: Essie Butler Please HERE & Glitter HERE
Toe Polish: Essie Where’s My Chauffeur HERE
Bracelets: Forever 21 (a few months old, no longer online)
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  1. Love your shoes!! And you've got very nice tan, it seems as if you were in Mexiko for a month! 🙂 Hope you had a great vacation

  2. CARLI YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL INSIDE AND OUT. My true inspiration. You look so amazing and tan! <333 Love you always!!!!

    Olivia 🙂

  3. You look so amazing Carli! I love watching your videos, especially the quotes at the beginning. You always inspire me in fashion, in makeup and in life when you post motivational videos and the quotes at the beginning of each video. Thank you xoxo

  4. Your face is freaking perfect, and you got a glow! Please can you do a playlist or make one on Spotify so I can follow you:) Love the music you got in your videos.

  5. You're a vision Miss Carli. You've a beautiful tan from your vaca, not only do you inspire your readers in terms of fashion, but you're so loving and caring and that shines through. You're a beautiful person, inside and out. May you have many blessings. x Love from Ireland

  6. Absolutely love this look, Carli! ♥ In future posts, would you be able to take more pictures of how each outfit looks from the back, as well? 🙂

    Thanks for the constant inspiration, girl! ♥

  7. Love you carli, you dont even know the inspiration you are to me 🙂 im a 14 year old girl and my confidence has been so low, im so insecure, but when i watch your videos its like im talking to a friend. all my troubles seem to disappear when i watch your videos. overall you are such an amazing person inside and out, love you girl :*:*!

  8. hey carli, I'm looking for a great strapless bra for my prom dress, i was wondering if you can recommend any ?? since you wear lots of strapless shirts.. thanks

  9. Hey Carli! Yes pleaseeeeee tell us about where you got the keratin treatment done and all about it, because i have the same kind of hair as you, but when i got keratin a few years ago it did nothing for me!! (i live in the freehold area like you, so i will go wherever you got it! haha) I can't stand the frizz and curliness, especially in the summer coming up after the pool and beach and with all the humidity! i look like a poodle! yuck! haha! Thanks Carli, love you <3

  10. Every time you post on your blog it's always an enjoyable post. You truly are an inspiration for women everywhere. You seem so genuine and enjoy every good thing that comes your way; and you still stay humbled 😉 I appreciate your outlook on life Carli and I hope one day I can have the same mentality as you! Truly beautiful inside and out! Much love! 🙂 :* baci!!

  11. ahh I want those jeans so bad but I can't fine them on go jane 🙁 did you buy them a while ago? and btw I loveee love love all your looks so different but yet so adorable!

  12. Hello carli..so beautiful ♥ i'm from to Roma 😉 davvero davvero unica..
    you are unic ♥♥ kiss by Simona;)

  13. OMGG im an Asos freak I saw that leopard blouse a lil while back and wanted to get it. I like how u tied it though you should do their runway cause it looked more appealing tied then buttoned all the way 😉

  14. Hey carli you have an amazing sense of fashion and I love it!! you always inspire me to get some fantastic clothing!! I was also wondering do you run your own line earrings at Ludora Boutique?

  15. Love this outfit you look stunninG!!!

    ~~I was wondering what camera/lens you use – besides having amazing outfits you always have amazing pictures!~~


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