Hi my loves!!! So finally I finished editing the VLOG from our trip! Like I said in previous posts, the camera wasn’t working at night, so we barely have any pictures from dinner!! I made a little collage of some pictures we took for Brett’s Birthday dinner! We didn’t really like any of them.. of course… so I decided to shrink a few and make a collage 😀 hehe We had SUCH an amazing trip and I cannot wait to go back. We wanted to do a ton of things that we didn’t get around to doing. So next time we will probably go for 7 days because 5 days were just not enough! Especially in this beautiful country! The last day before we left, I woke up extra early to get my last few hours in the sun! The scenery in our villa was just gorgeous. So I hope you don’t mind all the pics we took hehe. Love you muffins! Can’t wait to get back on track with new videos this week!!! Leave in the comment section what you want to see next!  We stayed at the Banyan Tree Resort in Playa del Carmen! I booked it through Expedia! I can’t wait to go back! Big thanks to my boobala for working me out and getting me in shape for the trip! Ladies follow his YOUTUBE channel for workout tips & tricks!! We will be filming some workout videos this month 🙂 
My Everyday Beach Makeup: *First I applied Neutrogena (HERE) with spf30 all over my face.
*Next, I filled in my brows lightly with my Brow Bar HERE Use Code: ZBROW
*Each day I wore my Tawny lipliner (HERE)&CYS NUDE Lip Gloss 25% off using code: carli
That’s it 🙂 Vacation is time to relax, don’t worry about the makeup during the day! Just 
use your SPF to protect your face! Throw on a little gloss, a cute pair of sunnies & your good to go 🙂 
Outfit Details:
Green & Yellow Bikini: TOP & BOTTOM
Ray Ban Aviator Glasses: Green Flash HERE or HERE
Brett’s Green & Yellow Swim Trunks: HERE | Porsche Carrera Vintage Sunnies
Floral Cover Up: HERE | ShowPo Dress 10% off with codeBEAUTYBYBEL HERE
Beige & Coral Clutch: HERE | Brett’s Paisley Shirt: HERE | Navy Chinos: HERE
Earrings: Ludora 10% Off with code: carlibybel HERE (last years collection)
Royal Blue Beaded Bikini: Beach Bunny HERE Crochet Handmade coverup: EmmaO HERE
60% of profit made from her clothing line (EmmaO) goes to charity.  She has helped 5
schools in Zimbabwe (for underprivileged children) How incredible is that?
Traveling Outfit: TShirt HERE & Booties HERE | Camera: Canon 60D HERE
Check out the Resort we stayed at:
Banyan Tree Mayakoba
Watch Our Vacation Vlog:


  1. Hi carli (:
    I love your body to me it's like my ideal body for a 5'2 person lol so I was just wondering what is your waist size lol

  2. Hi Carli,

    You look gorgeous! I was wondering if you know anything to get rid of unwanted stomach and bikini area hair…do you recommend laser?

  3. Playing catch up on your blog, it's raining cats and dogs here in Dublin, so seeing you two in the sunshine was like a mini vaykay!! Love it, you guys are so cute and I love your advice about keeping the makeup minimal during the day xxx

  4. Hello Carli,
    I love your videos. You are big inspiration for me. <3You are so beautiful and so sweat. Your vlog was so beautiful and peaceful.Simpley incredible beautiful.Big greeting Lucy from Czech Republic.

  5. Carli, Carli, I know you use a Canon 60d, but which lens do you use for out outfit posts including this one? Please answer. xo.

  6. Hi Carli,
    I must ask and I hope it's not too personal… But, for that floral showpo dress do u wear a bra + use those straps it comes with? I bought it and I gotta tell ya, I need the straps but have no clue about the bra “/ thanks xox

  7. Your body is to die for ahhhhh. What size are you in jeans & what size did you get in the bikini ? I can't decide a small or medium because of how it's cut

  8. Hi Carli, I just wanted to say that you're such an insipiration to me. You are the perso I look up to and admire. You have such a beautiful soul, I love you!!

  9. I know I'm so late lol
    But I love the dress! &those heels!!! Werkk!!!

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