Hi my loves!!! So finally I finished editing the VLOG from our trip! Like I said in previous posts, the camera wasn’t working at night, so we barely have any pictures from dinner!! I made a little collage of some pictures we took for Brett’s Birthday dinner! We didn’t really like any of them.. of course… so I decided to shrink a few and make a collage 😀 hehe We had SUCH an amazing trip and I cannot wait to go back. We wanted to do a ton of things that we didn’t get around to doing. So next time we will probably go for 7 days because 5 days were just not enough! Especially in this beautiful country! The last day before we left, I woke up extra early to get my last few hours in the sun! The scenery in our villa was just gorgeous. So I hope you don’t mind all the pics we took hehe. Love you muffins! Can’t wait to get back on track with new videos this week!!! Leave in the comment section what you want to see next!  We stayed at the Banyan Tree Resort in Playa del Carmen! I booked it through Expedia! I can’t wait to go back! Big thanks to my boobala for working me out and getting me in shape for the trip! Ladies follow his YOUTUBE channel for workout tips & tricks!! We will be filming some workout videos this month 🙂 
My Everyday Beach Makeup: *First I applied Neutrogena (HERE) with spf30 all over my face.
*Next, I filled in my brows lightly with my Brow Bar HERE Use Code: ZBROW
*Each day I wore my Tawny lipliner (HERE)&CYS NUDE Lip Gloss 25% off using code: carli
That’s it 🙂 Vacation is time to relax, don’t worry about the makeup during the day! Just 
use your SPF to protect your face! Throw on a little gloss, a cute pair of sunnies & your good to go 🙂 
Outfit Details:
Green & Yellow Bikini: TOP & BOTTOM
Ray Ban Aviator Glasses: Green Flash HERE or HERE
Brett’s Green & Yellow Swim Trunks: HERE | Porsche Carrera Vintage Sunnies
Floral Cover Up: HERE | ShowPo Dress 10% off with codeBEAUTYBYBEL HERE
Beige & Coral Clutch: HERE | Brett’s Paisley Shirt: HERE | Navy Chinos: HERE
Earrings: Ludora 10% Off with code: carlibybel HERE (last years collection)
Royal Blue Beaded Bikini: Beach Bunny HERE Crochet Handmade coverup: EmmaO HERE
60% of profit made from her clothing line (EmmaO) goes to charity.  She has helped 5
schools in Zimbabwe (for underprivileged children) How incredible is that?
Traveling Outfit: TShirt HERE & Booties HERE | Camera: Canon 60D HERE
Check out the Resort we stayed at:
Banyan Tree Mayakoba
Watch Our Vacation Vlog:


  1. you look abs perfff!! your body is to die for. & i guess it's true, you get what you pay for because those bathing suits were gorgeous but WAY too expensive lol

  2. You're so talented with your pictures and modeling!! I know I say this all the time, but you are amazingly Beautiful!!! A blog post of fashion would be nice 🙂 your style inspires me! I can't even tell you all the things I've bought after I've seen them on you haha
    Thanks for being you 😀

  3. LOVE this!! you are so beautiful inside and out. Can you please tell us what photo editor you use please? Im dying to know 🙂 Xx

  4. You look beautiful as always! Please could you do a preparing for vacation and beauty on vacation video? So include things such as
    1. Do you get a spray tan beforehand?
    2. Do you wear your extensions all day?
    Beauty and general tips on preparation before vacating and beauty during, so day-night etc.

    Would be really helpful and interesting to watch! 🙂 xxx

  5. The green bikini is perfect, looks so good with your tan!! And that dress!!!! You look so beautiful 🙂
    I have a serious question though and I'd really appreciate it if you replied, please take NO offense to it because i don't mean any! I just want to know when you and Brett get married, what's going to be so special about it? I mean the honeymoon won't be anything new because you already go on these vacations together…living together won't be new either because you already do that…and im pretty sure you already you know..got intimate with each other. Lol I sound so nosey but i just really want to see how you look at it. Besides having kids of course what's marriage going to mean to you? you already do all these things together that are supposed to be special for couples when they're married
    PLEASE dont be offended, im not hating I think you and Brett make an amazing couple, you are meant to be! Love youuu prettyyy girll<3

  6. @mariagretzky doing all those things does not mean you have to be married. I have been with my boyfriend for 9 years and do all of these things unmarried. Being in love is what really matters and is special, a certificate doesn't have to be the end all be all when it comes to enjoying life with the one you love. I love you Carli xo

  7. your body loooks amazing in all of these pics!!!! glad you guys had an amazing time at playa del carmen. I was wondering if you could do a video on how to be bikini ready! i know it could be tmi but your skin always looks so smooth and soft!

  8. You look so beautiful! Your body is stunning!! After looking threw your picture it really makes me want to go on vacation lol. 🙂 Love you Carli <3

  9. Your body is to die for! I'm working my self there !!!! you know how to rock them bathing suits. i LOVE that blue bathing suit, too bad is out of my budget. love you so much Carli!!

  10. your body is perfect! and i'd love to see more makeup tutorials, get ready with mes, hair tutorials, maybe an updates how you cut your hair and a spring look book 🙂 and a video on how you worked out the week to prepare urself for vacation:) (basically everything lol)

  11. You are so perfect..i want to buy the green bikini sooo bad,but it s out of stock!!!!i hope to bring it back soon!!i also liked tha aviators sooo much!!!you are a truly inspiration to me Carli!!!!

  12. love you carli, you are so beautiful! but you are not just beautiful but you are a really good person muaak love you girl

  13. All super cool, as usual. Thanks for the amazing ideas! I'll remember that for my next trip. Greetings from Madrid XOXO

  14. OMG I love it!! How pretty!! 😀 I hope you are very very happy, dear! So beautiful both 🙂 And happy birthday!

  15. Honestly you look better then the models in your swim suits! Haha so jealous. Goal body right there! Haha. You or Brett should do a video on what you ate to get in shape. Working out isn't my problem, its food :p

  16. As someone who's been together with the love of my life for 4,5 years, having travelled to various destinations all over the globe together and having lived together for several months as well, I can tell you that travelling, sharing a household or having kids are no reason for marriage. From where I stand getting married will be something to celebrate our special bond, the years that passed and the years still to come. It will commemorate all the love, the joy and the struggles that made us who we are today. And it will be a promise to know how to stick together, even more so because we already lived through so many amazingly wonderful and sometimes also difficult times together. If not to celebrate all of that, for what on earth else would you want to throw a gigantic party? 🙂 It's like a picture frame: the picture itself is the beauty, the frame just helps it express it even more so.

  17. U know Brett if you can't decide on what to be for Halloween this year you should be the Joker. You have that bone structure and funny face expressions you make and the hair style. Don't mean that as a put down but a cool looking Joker. Google pics of the Joker on the DC drawings and you will know what I'm talking about.

  18. Carli 🙂 I really really love your style, so inspiring for me, and your videos are the best! You're such an amazing person <3 keep it up!

    do you wear your extensions also for swimming / at the beach or is it your real hair? 🙂

  19. You are soooo gorgeous, Carli…. you have the perfect body. The outfits and bathing suits you bought looked better on you than the models..

  20. Hi Carli,

    I was wondering how it took you to transform your body to what it is now. I mean, its amazing. I just started working out and eating clean, but it has been hard. I am not strict on clean eating, especially because I love eating and drinking out with my boyfriend. He can eat all he wants and doesn't gain any fat, but I am a different story. Can you tell us what your weekly diet and work out routines are? And, any support that you have or advice would be great.


  21. you're absolutely gorgeous, and honestly a year ago I was at a peak in my life and watching your videos and blog has helped me become a better person. I couldnt thank you enough, gorgeous! You're amazing I hope you never forget that!

  22. oh great thank you! I missed that oops! just wanted to let you know I am pretty close to you and brett! Im in Toms River ! You guys are the cutest couple:) xoxo

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