Hello my suga plums!!!! I saved packing until last minute (AS USUAL!) because I wanted to get that TMI video up for you guys before I left! I knew a lot of you were looking forward to a packing video, so I had Brett help me film when I was packing to leave! Sorry it’s such a quick video! I wanted to quickly show you how I packed my clothes and what I used to organize everything. I got these new luggage pieces before I left. My old ones ripped, so I knew it was time to replace them! These pink hard shell bags were SO easy to travel with! They have 4 wheels at the bottom so you can just push them through the airport. SUPER EASY! Brett helped of course… so he looked silly carrying these pink babies 😉 I hope this helps!!! Stay tuned for my Playa VLOG! Love you muffins <3

XOXO Carli
Travel Tips!
1. Pre Plan Outfits!! By doing this, you will save SO much room in your bags! I swear I used to back EVERYTHING I owned because of course us girls need options!! Ever since I started pre planning, life has been so much easier. I pre plan all the way down to accessories, shoes and purses. I brought an extra outfit for dinner just incase while away I changed my mind 🙂
2. Get Travel Cases to Organize! Plastic baggies work as well for those on a budget. It is SO important to put all shampoos and other liquids in a separate case. I have had these items explode while on vacation, and I can assure you it is NOT fun having to wash all your new clothes once you get there. Buying travel cases with separate compartments is your best option. My shampoo exploded a little on this trip, but luckily it was alone it the zipper area! Nothing else was ruined! So YAY for travel cases!! I found mine on Amazon & also in Walgreens!
3. Roll Your Clothes! Not only will this help save space in your bags… but it helps prevent everything from getting all wrinkled! I have been doing this for a few years now, and it really does help!!! Try it out and let me know how it works for you 🙂
Seen in the Video/Similar Options:
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  1. Great job with the suitcase I bring a dark pillow case for my dirty clothes I know odd but it does work I also roll my clothes and place my shoes all around the suitcase I use the pockets on the side for my socks or stockings depending where I'm going.

  2. YOUR MY FAVE BEAUTY GURU!!!! I'd love to see a video on how to use each brush in the Sigma Complete Brush Kit. I'm contemplating on purchasing the Brush kit myself. I love watching all your videos and following your blog. your an inspiration!!! =)

  3. great ideas!! how did you keep your hair from turning into a poof ball at the beach? o:
    and also i'd love to see more get ready with mes, OOTDs and how to style naturally curly hair 🙂 xoxo

  4. Never knew about rolling your clothes! Thanks for the great tips :). Oh and btw your body is smokin in those bikinis!!

  5. never though about rolling clothes when packing, i am going to Thailand on my honeymoon on wednesday and will defo be rolling all the clothes :). Thank you Carli all your videos are great xxx

  6. Carli, on your Instagram you put up a picture of this peachy pink bikini and the bottom had like thin straps on the sides, where did you purchase that bikini, and if you have the link for it?

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