Hello again! Told you I would film again today 🙂 Today I wanted to get up an updated brow routine!! It has been at least 2 years, and the past few months I feel my brows have gotten BETTER! hehe. I’ve seen so many requests, so this one is for all of you who did ask! I hope you enjoy my routine. Like I said I like to draw them a bit thicker, than work with them! Not everyone loves big brows, and that is A OKAY! I personally think the bigger the better 😉 Love you muffins! XOXO Carli
Seen on Me!
Beige Sequin Top: HERE | 260g BELLAMI
Lilly Hair Extensions USE CODE: Carlibel55 for $$ off
Products Used in Order!
Brow Duo Brush: HERE or HERE | DipBrowHERE (dark brown)
To Fill in Brows: Brow Duo HERE or Brow Bar HERE Use Code: ZBROW
Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel: HERE or HERE
Cheaper Brow Gels i’ve Tried & loved: HERE or HERE
Makeup Details in this Video:
*Watch how I contoured & highlighted my face HERE
All shadows used are from my New Forever Nude Palette: HERE

1. I used this color all over my lid with THIS brush

2. With THIS Brush I applied this color in my crease
3. With THIS brush I added this color into the outer ‘v’
4. I applied this color with THIS brush on my lower lashline
5. I applied these two colors on my cheeks with THIS brush
6. I applied this color on my lips with Jordana Tawny lipliner
BH Gel Onyx Liner | Loreal Telescopic MascaraHERE

Watch the Tutorial!


I know many people have different definitions and visions of the word 'beauty'.. But mine is different. I think beauty really does come from within so basically I set up this page too help Any girl learn some super easy steps that can really help transform any insecurities that are maybe holding them back from showing their TRUE beauty.. I sound super corny. Some tutorials ive seen were confusing so I will try and keep them simple.. If i see something I can most definitely do it! ( hair and makeup related of course ... And computers but Thats a whole other story.) You know when you see something that makes you stop and say I NEED TO KNOW HOW TO DO iT... Well I can help!! When it comes to makeup ive very rarely followed the rules. Ive always been a trial and error girl ..

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  1. loved it Carli 🙂 Your such a doll like a Barbie.
    I can not get enough of your videos watch them every day and never get tired of them.
    cant wait to see the next video this week :))))
    loveyouu Carli(: <3

  2. Also, any tips for girls with blonde eyebrows? I have to basically create my own brows with makeup because mine are blonde. Haha!

  3. I personally use the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pencil everyday! I use it to outline and fill in my brows. I also own the powder duo from her collection as well. However, throughout the day I use to realize my brows would be oily (combination skin) and the powder would fade and misplace itself, allowing my brows to loo ashy and out of place. What are you thoughts on brow pencils?



  4. Always wanted an Anastasia product but they are rather pricey if imported to Malaysia >.< anyways always loved your blog and video and everything 😀

  5. Carli thanks for the eyebrow tutorial 🙂 Do you thread or wax your eyebrows? or do you pluck them yourself?

  6. Hola preciosa!!!!
    I JUST bought the FOREVER NAKED PALETTE, Thanks to you. So i Would like to see this make up tutorial because i JUST loooooooveeeee how it looks.
    Xoxoxox from Puerto Rico.

  7. Thank you 🙂 and also I lovee your shoes where do you get them ? They are fabulous ! I added your fashion instagram account but I couldn't find where you get the shoes and don't worrie if you aren't able to let me know at the time I know you're very busy 🙂 .

  8. Hi Carli 🙂
    I´m Aylin from Germany and I LOOOOOOOve your videos !!!
    Unfortunately I cant by the brow duo because Anastasia doesnt ship to Germany x(
    Is there any alternetive you would recommend ?
    Thank you xoxoxo
    Love Aylin from Germany <3

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